What the Prezi! – Interactive Presentations

Do you know what a Prezi is?  Prezi is a cool interactive way to make a visual presentation.  Learning to make a Prezi will help you to do two things.  First, to inform the audience about your chosen destination and what the public display of art will showcase.  Second, how will displaying the public piece of art add to your local community? How will it enrich your community?

How to Use

Links to check out before you start your own Prezi project…Here are some tools that will get you started to make your own Prezi.  There are thousands of Prezi’s to view, start with these tutorials. 

Time for Exploring

Ideally students will explore the technology piece by viewing a Prezi that explains and informs them about their project.  Teachers can make a Prezi that models what should be included in presentation, or not.  The teacher will model and show a Prezi.  Then students will be able to play with the presentations on their own to explore how they work and look.  Look at links above now!  Play, explore, and have fun!  If you have fun doing a Prezi, then your students will too.  See this Prezi about Public Art in Dubai

Teachers should consider…

  • Internet access (school or home access?)
  • Watch tutorial of videos/prezi’s (make a Prezi yourself)
  • Look at other Prezes on the website
  • Go through at least 2 or more of the links shown above under “Resources”
  • Will you need to scaffold how to make a Prezi? 
  • Does using a Prezi fit your learning objective/goal?
  • To see a Unit Plan about Public Art that uses PreziClick here