Production Request

This form is for production support. If you need to schedule a/v classroom help, please go herefor immediate support, call 867-6270 or visit the Media Classroom Help Wiki.


Electronic Media provides production and a/v classroom support for The Evergreen State College and Washington state group events. In order to ensure event support, please complete this form at least two weeks before your event is scheduled to take place.

Good planning is critical to a successful event. Our Production Planning Guide provides your organization or group with a series of questions to consider prior to your activity’s event date.  Review our Package Production Rates for a general idea of costs for your event.

For students: Remember that your advisor must be part of the planning process for any event hosted by your organization or group.

Please keep in mind that all activities should be consistent with Evergreen’s policies, procedures, mission, and purpose as well as that of your organization or group.


Your evergreen email address.


One day or multiple days?


PLEASE NOTE: EM usually needs a minimum of 2 hours prior to the start of an event for setup. Check with and EM producer to help determine what your reservation time requests should be when planning for media.