Jobs at Media Services

Electronic Media Production Assistant / Lab Aide

  • Media production support, including:
  • Support of EM operations including front desk shifts at the Media Services Help Desk (located at Media Loan), including media facility scheduling and circulation of equipment and keys
  • Regular operational and security sweeps of production and classroom facilities
  • Technical support and consultation to all video and audio production facilities and computer labs, and general classroom technical media support and maintenance

Media Services Support (Media Services Assistant)

      • Circulating Media Loan Equipment
        • checking out video, photography, audio, and presentation equipment
        • determining what equipment is necessary to meet the patron’s needs
        • using browser-based software
      • Providing Media Classroom Support
        • troubleshooting technical problems over the phone
        • troubleshooting technical problems on site
      • Teaching and testing of media equipment
        • instructing individuals in the proper operation of equipment
        • making sure the equipment is operating properly
      • General maintenance of equipment
        • following guidelines for cleaning and maintaining equipment
        • troubleshooting malfunctions and user error

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