$3,353.00 – $4,399.00 Monthly
Thurston County – Olympia, WA
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Full Time – Permanent
Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
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12/1/2017 11:59 PM Pacific
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The Department of Fish and Wildlife has some of the most talented people in the natural resource field. We celebrate and value diversity, appreciating that a workforce composed of those from different backgrounds and experiences creates an inclusive environment, strengthens positive relationships with the local community, and brings new perspectives and approaches to fulfilling the agency’s mission.
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Forms and Records Analyst 3 – Public Disclosure and Records Coordinator

The WDFW Law Enforcement Program is recruiting to fill one full-time permanent Forms and Records Analyst 3 position located at the Natural Resources Building, Olympia, Thurston County.

We seek a highly motivated, experienced professional to manage records in accordance with retention guidelines and coordinate responses to the public disclosure requests pertaining to the Law Enforcement Program. The successful candidate will be a creative problem-solver with excellent communication and project management skills who can interact effectively with agency staff at all levels and the public. This person will thoroughly understand the requirements of the state Public Disclosure Act and records retention schedule.

The Public Disclosure and Records Coordinator supports the agency’s mission by helping to conserve the state’s natural resources through proactive coordination of public disclosure requests, ensuring that the Program adheres to agency and state records retention requirements, and assisting with the analysis of investigative records. The Public Disclosure and Records Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the collection and preparation of Program records in response to public disclosure requests and/or other law enforcement related inquiries. The Public Disclosure and Records Coordinator maintains the Program’s unique records retention schedule, provides internal guidance to Program record owners, and manages the transfer and disposition of official Program records.  This position also handles forms management for the Program.

Public Disclosure/Records Request Coordination

  • Manages all public disclosure/information requests impacting the Law Enforcement Program.
  • Receives incoming requests, coordinates program responses, and tracks Program progress in fulfilling requests.
  • Coordinates the collection of requested records and works with affected staff members to ensure request requirements and deadlines are met in timely and professional manner.
  • Researches and pulls data from Law Enforcement Program records management systems.
  • Responds to requests as they relate to the disclosure of information/records for other law enforcement agencies.
  • Provides timely and accurate disclosure of Program information as it relates to public disclosure and law enforcement information requests.
  • Provides training to new officers and program staff on public disclosure and records management.
  • Acts as a liaison with WDFW Public Disclosure Officer.

Records Retention 

  • Ensures the Program meets agency and state records retention requirements by collecting and filing criminal and administrative case files and by managing the transfer and disposition of all official Program records.
  • Both criminal and administrative case files forwarded through the chain of command for review and closure are collected by this position and then secured and filed in the Program’s records room.
  • Responsible for properly labeling and filing these files to ensure confidentiality standards are met and that needed records are retrievable in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Manages the Program’s records room, ensuring that records are stored in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Aids in preparing records for transfer to the state records center or state archives. These duties include, but are not limited to, boxing relevant records, creating and/or verifying box contents lists, and ensuring that proper Program and agency authorization has been obtained before disposition occurs.
  • Serves as a Program subject-matter expert regarding retention requirements and assists field and headquarters staff as needed.
  • Successful completion of these duties results in timely and accurate transfer of Program records, and compliance with state records retention requirements.

Forms Management

  • Responsible for development and coordination of activities related to Enforcement Program forms management.
  • Works with subject matter experts within the program to ensure that Program forms are accurate and updated on a regular basis.
  • Designs and develops electronic forms to include content, layout, and formatting.
  • Assists with ensuring consistent template for Program forms and documents including Standard Operating Procedures Manuals.
Required Qualifications: 
  • A high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Experience in public records disclosure and records management.
  • Working knowledge of the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate, independently analyze, and weigh the risks versus benefits in decisions and recommendations related to public disclosure issues.
  • Strong attention to detail, with the ability to review high volumes of documents for possible redactions without errors.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and to complete projects on tight deadlines.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in working with sensitive information.
  • Flexibility and ability to work successfully as part of a diverse work team.
  • Proficiency with several computer software programs, including Word, Excel, Access Database, SharePoint, Outlook, and the ability to maintain databases.
  • Ability to conduct document and file searches in electronic and paper document filing systems.
  • Must be willing to be fingerprinted and pass a detailed law enforcement background check.
  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds.
Preferred/Desired Qualifications:
  • A Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, communications, public affairs or a related field.
  • Experience with electronic records or public disclosure systems.
  • Experience working in a law enforcement or correctional setting or experience handling sensitive records.
Well qualified applicants will also demonstrate the following competencies:
Managing Workloads: Effectively organizes multiple assignments, sometimes of a complex nature or involving competing priorities, to produce work products that are accurate, thorough, and on time.
Employee will need to manage a varying work load in order to address work products, issues, and assignments relating to public disclosure requests, data collection, records retention, and other administrative tasks.
Respects and maintains confidentiality.
Researching & Gathering Information: Identifies, collects, organizes, and documents data and information in ways that make the information most useful for subsequent assessment, analysis, and investigation.
Employee will need to work with both internal and external parties, including the Public Disclosure Officer, industry representatives, constituents, field staff, and supervisors to ensure assignments and tasks are completed in a timely and appropriate manner.
Employee may also need to collect and organize data for inclusion in reports, presentations, and projects. 
Recordkeeping: Consistently and accurately documents information or updates records so that they reflect the most current information and form a complete and understandable account of changes, decisions, activity and work performed.
Employee will need to track Program records to ensure compliance with state records retention laws and best practices.
Using Personal Computers: Using personal computers, including hardware such as keyboards and software such as word processing and other programs, produces timely and accurate work products that fully satisfy the demands of the assignment.
Employee will assist with the Program’s electronic records management system (RMS).
Verbal Communications: Effectively expresses ideas and information through the spoken word using language that is appropriate to both the complexity of the topic and the knowledge and understanding of the audience.
Employee will need to effectively communicate verbally with both internal and external parties as it relates to public disclosure requests, records retention requirements, and boating safety.
Written Communications: Effectively conveys ideas and information in writing using language that is appropriate to both the complexity of the topic and the knowledge and understanding of the reader.
Employee will need to effectively communicate verbally with both internal and external parties as it relates to public disclosure requests, records retention requirements, and boating safety.
Reading, Comprehending & Retaining Information: Accurately reads, interprets, and retains information from written material, including technical reports, rules, regulations, manuals, instructions, charts, graphs, and tables. Effectively applies the information in communicating with others, carrying out work activities, making decisions, and solving problems.
Employee will need to read, comprehend, and retain information related to records management standards, retention requirements, etc.
Stress Tolerance: Effectively handles highly stressful or adverse situations, making good decisions, working calmly and accurately, and helping to calm others.
Employee should be comfortable working in a law enforcement environment.
Supplemental Information

Background Investigation:
For candidates that make it through the selection process, a thorough background investigation will be required due to the nature and security requirements of the job. Applicants will be required to sign releases of information and shall not have access to any investigative materials or files.  The Background Investigation is part of the pre-employment selection process and is not a commitment to employment. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Program has strict guidelines relating, but not limited, to personal and employment characteristics, arrests, convictions, financial history, and illegal drug usage, etc.

Working Conditions:
Working environment is a busy office setting. Varying degrees of activity occur in the common areas during working hours; most tasks will involve sitting at a desk and working on a computer. Incumbent must be able to work amid distraction. This position requires occasional travel across the state and overnight stays to provide regional training to Program Staff

How to Apply:
To apply for this position, you MUST complete your profile at and attach the following to your profile before completing the online application:
  • A cover letter describing how you meet the qualifications of this position (generic cover letter will not be accepted)
  • A current resume (please make it succinct)
  • Three professional references (personal references do not count as professional)
Please note:  Failure to follow the above application instructions will lead to disqualification. Please do not include any attachments other than the ones requested above. E-mailed documents will not be accepted after the closing of the recruitment or in lieu of attaching your documents to the online profile.
Upon submission of your online application, you will immediately receive a confirming e-mail.  You will then be notified via e-mail of your status during the process.  In addition to the e-mail notifications, you can check the status of your application at any time by visiting your online profile at  Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, we ask your understanding and encourage you to use the online process and avoid calling for information.
Please note that initial screening will be solely based on the completeness of application materials submitted and the contents and completeness of the “work experience” section of your application in NeoGov. A resume will not substitute for the “work experience” section of the application. The information provided in your application must support your selected answers in the supplemental questions. Responses not supported in your application may disqualify you from consideration for employment in this position. All information will be verified and documentation may be required.
The Department of Fish and Wildlife is an equal opportunity employer. We strive to create a working environment that includes and respects cultural, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation and gender identity diversity. Women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons of disability, persons over 40 years of age, disabled and Vietnam era veterans and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are encouraged to apply. Persons needing accommodation in the application process or this announcement in an alternative format may call (360) 902-2276 or the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) at (800) 833-6388.
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