Windows Live Movie Maker

(For an example of a unit that makes use of Windows Live Movie Maker, CLICK HERE)


Info that helps to understand / explain the tech

For the final part of this unit, students will create multimedia presentations that will highlight individuals who are making a difference in / helping their community. This presentation will be made for, and presented to, local elementary students. Students will make this presentation using basic video editing software (Windows Live Movie Maker).


Links to examples that show ways this tech can be used in the classroom


Activity types that could be used with this tech*

*activity types from College of William & Mary School of Education

Some ELA activity types that could be used with MovieMaker:

  • Literature Circles / Book Clubs (discussions could be recorded and edited together to emphasize key points from text or the evolution of the dialogue)
  • Critical Analysis / Reflection (students could make videos that represent key details or themes)
  • Dramatic Reading / Reader’s Theatre (students could create videos that use dramatic reading along with related images, video, or text)
  • Sharing / Collaborating (students could work collaboratively to create videos related to a shared reading)
  • Creating Text-Related Artifacts (video collages, book trailers, video book reviews)
  • All Oral Speaking / Performance activities (students could create videos to supplement presentations or performances)


Things to attend to for scaffolding

  • Using the different features of the program (starting with features that are simpler and more likely to be commonly used; building to features that are more complex or specialized)
  • Public domain images and music (why it matters, how to distinguish, where to find)
  • Considering audience and relevance (does this element add something significant, or is it just a distraction / bells and whistles?)


(For an example of a unit that makes use of Windows Live Movie Maker, CLICK HERE)

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