Unit Plan

  1. A description of the unit using stage1 of UBD framework
  2. A stage 2 detailed description of the assignment that involves a student using the technology in order to meet part of (i) the disciplinary learning objective and (ii) overarching goal for the unit.
  3. Links or references to 4 resources that a teacher could use to further investigate the big idea of the unit.
  4. Written explanation of technology use that addresses:
    • how this use of technology would help students meet the learning objectives.
    • what you’d need to anticipate through structure or mini lessons to help students be successful in this project.
  1. A self-assessment of your skill in both using and teaching with this tool.
  2. A concrete plan for how you could develop your skills that entails: (i) knowledge of Professional Development (PD)resources in the district, (ii) on-line tools for learning, and (iii) teacher models to emulate/adapt.
  3. Post on Class Blog using Word Press


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