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April 2013

4, May 2013

LEADS ‘Automation is the way forward’ The New Indian Express-Apr 28, 2013 While addressing the gathering Dr R S Shivakumara Aradhya said, “Automation is a tool which should be extensively adopted in the industry. Quality of goods …   Colombia Leads Latin America in Automation, Experts Say Fox News Latino-Apr 12, 2013 Carlos Hugo Pedreros, […]

March 2013

4, May 2013

LEADS Robots Aren’t the Problem: It’s Us By Richard Florida, March 25, 2013, The Chronicle of Higher Education Automation will engender neither utopia nor dystopia. Humans alone are responsible for our society’s economic future. … Everyone has an opinion about technology. Depending on whom you ask, it will either: a) Liberate us from the drudgery […]

February 2013

4, May 2013

LEADS Robot Surgeries Linked to Injuries, Deaths Newsmax Health-Mar 5, 2013 After Michelle Zarick complained of excessive vaginal bleeding, her doctor found growths in her uterus that needed to be removed. One option: robot surgery, …   Law firms seek victims of ‘bad robot surgery’ Mar 01, 2013, 11:51 AM | By Tim Hornyak Did […]

January 2013

4, May 2013

LEADS Are robots hurting job growth? January 13, 2013 5:00 PM CBS 60 Minutes Report Must see video: Technological advances, especially robotics, are revolutionizing the workplace, but not necessarily creating jobs. Steve Kroft reports. FTAV video: the robot employment threat Cardiff Garcia | Jan 30 Must see video in link…   beyond scarcity series by […]