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July 2013

13, Aug 2013

LEADS Robots Could Take Over Fast Food Jobs AOL Jobs-by Dan Fastenberg-Jul 17, 2013 Robots are now cooking food at fast food restaurants. In recent months, some fast food workers have been staging walkouts, complaining of low pay and a lack …   China now largest market for robots Posted 07/11/13 at 09:47 AM … When […]

June 2013

1, Jul 2013

LEADS Education technology: Catching on at last New technology is poised to disrupt America’s schools, and then the world’s The Economist, Jun 29th 2013 In a small school on the South Side of Chicago, 40 children between the ages of five and six sit quietly learning in a classroom. In front of each of them […]

May 2013

2, Jun 2013

LEADS It’s time to talk about the burgeoning robot middle class | MIT Technology Review May 14, 2013 by Hallie Siegel The elephant in the room is how robotics will play out for human employment in the long term. New robots will take on advanced manufacturing, tutoring, scheduling, and customer relations. They operate equipment, manage […]

April 2013

4, May 2013

LEADS ‘Automation is the way forward’ The New Indian Express-Apr 28, 2013 While addressing the gathering Dr R S Shivakumara Aradhya said, “Automation is a tool which should be extensively adopted in the industry. Quality of goods …   Colombia Leads Latin America in Automation, Experts Say Fox News Latino-Apr 12, 2013 Carlos Hugo Pedreros, […]

March 2013

4, May 2013

LEADS Robots Aren’t the Problem: It’s Us By Richard Florida, March 25, 2013, The Chronicle of Higher Education Automation will engender neither utopia nor dystopia. Humans alone are responsible for our society’s economic future. … Everyone has an opinion about technology. Depending on whom you ask, it will either: a) Liberate us from the drudgery […]

February 2013

4, May 2013

LEADS Robot Surgeries Linked to Injuries, Deaths Newsmax Health-Mar 5, 2013 After Michelle Zarick complained of excessive vaginal bleeding, her doctor found growths in her uterus that needed to be removed. One option: robot surgery, …   Law firms seek victims of ‘bad robot surgery’ Mar 01, 2013, 11:51 AM | By Tim Hornyak Did […]

January 2013

4, May 2013

LEADS Are robots hurting job growth? January 13, 2013 5:00 PM CBS 60 Minutes Report Must see video: Technological advances, especially robotics, are revolutionizing the workplace, but not necessarily creating jobs. Steve Kroft reports. FTAV video: the robot employment threat Cardiff Garcia | Jan 30 Must see video in link…   beyond scarcity series by […]

THE BIG STORIES OF 2012: Reshoring, automating China as wages rise, big advances in autonomous cars (and other vehicles), the next agricultural revolution, service including fast food offer huge sectors for growth in automation, mining robots (on the moon and on asteroids), robots building AND installing green economy, drones not only in the skies but […]

ARNews is …

14, Jan 2013

Automation and Robotics News is a monthly compilation of the latest news in automation and robotics from nano-robotics to large-scale industrial automation. ARNews is focused primarily on the impacts these technologies have on the global economy including productivity, labor replacement, law, politics, and warfare. Key sources include google news, cnet, wired, the wall street journal, […]