January 2013

Our Cats Test the LRII Robotic Litter Box: A Paws-On Review

Amanda Davis  /  Tue, January 22, 2013

It’s no surprise that the home shared by an engineer and a tech journalist is filled with gadgets. We already own a robot, a Roomba, which vacuums our floors every day. So it wasn’t a shock to me when my boyfriend showed up with another robotic helper for our home. It’s called the Litter Robot II, an automatic self-cleaning litter box. The machine is a big black orb with a hole in the middle. It looks like the Death Star.


Toyota’s Semi-Autonomous Car Will Keep You Safe

Erico Guizzo  /  Tue, January 08, 2013

At a CES press conference yesterday, Toyota presented its semi-autonomous Lexus Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle, a car designed to take over from you when an accident is imminent to keep you in one piece. 



October 2012

A Home Automation Primer

PC Magazine-Oct 17, 2012

So, what exactly are we talking about when it comes to home automation? Here are just some of the things you now have the ability to set up and control,