May 2013

This Robo-Nose Can Smell Better Than You

The human olfactory organ is the result of millions of years of evolution and biological refinement. But, in spite of your face, it can’t tell the difference between an apple and a pear nearly as well as this mechanical sniffer. Read…


IT trends shape future corporate strategies

By Paul Taylor, May 23, 2013

…of anything as a service,” they say. “The creeping automation of knowledge work, which affects the fastest…and interfaces that “understand” humans are moving the automation frontier rapidly toward the world’s more than 200m knowledge…


Exploring automation for cloud service providers

CloudTech (blog)-May 31, 2013

Automation across the board encompassing servers, networks, databases and applications can help cloud service providers take out costs across their data


April 2013

Man invents ingenious robot to steal soda from vending machines

msnNOW-Apr 29, 2013

Watch him insert a robot into the vending machine at 1:19, and see the magic follow. We won’t ruin it for you, but there are LEDs and even a gamepad involved.



March 2013

Keep Calm And Rape A Lot” T-Shirts Show Automation Growing

Singularity Hub-by David Hill-Mar 20, 2013

The automation revolution is well underway around the world and with it, some rather public and unfortunate growing pains. While some fear the surge in drones


Data Scientist Scarcity: Automation Is the Answer

Smart Data Collective-Mar 17, 2013

Just as tractors symbolized the dawn of a revolution in farming and signaled that the old way of farm life was coming to an end, automated data analysis will


Cloud Robotics Engine Goes Live with Rapyuta Service

Evan Ackerman  /  Tue, March 12, 2013

The team behind RoboEarth yesterday announced the launch of Rapyuta, a cloud computing platform for robots. Rapyuta is designed to be a combination of a remote processor powerhouse and a giant database storing all robotic knowledge: robots will be able to offload complex tasks to Rapyuta, and they’ll also be able to ask Rapyuta for help if they get stuck trying to recognize an object or complete a task (above, a simplified overview of the Rapyuta framework). Here’s how it’ll eventually all come together…



February 2013

Student Attends School Via Robot

02/21/13 — In a school hallway, a U.S. teacher takes her students to the library, leading a single-file line of giggling boys and girls that’s perfectly ordinary until you get to a sleek white robot with a video screen showing the face of a smiling, chubby-cheeked boy. Devon Carrow’s life-threatening allergies don’t allow him to go to school. But the robot with a wireless video hookup gives him the school experience remotely, allowing him to participate in class, stroll through the hallways, hang out at recess and even take to the auditorium stage when there’s a show. What’s most remarkable is how unremarkable…


Rapyuta: The RoboEarth Cloud Engine

by Dominique Hunziker February 25, 2013

In recent years cloud computing has made an entrance into our lives. Naturally, this begs the question how cloud computing can be used in robotics applications. With Rapyuta, the RoboEarth Cloud Engine, an open source software package is released that tries to answer this question. Rapyuta provides an easy solution specifically tailored to robotics applications.


Infographic – Marketing Automation 101

CMSWire-Mar 1, 2013

Cloud-based marketing automation software provider Marketo is attempting to reveal the “magic behind the curtain” of marketing automation in a new


Automation key to Vodafone’s M2M strategy

Total Telecom-Feb 28, 2013

“It works out of the box with Vodafone’s global M2M platform,” said Salminen, which is in line with the operator’s bid to maximise automation. However, for


IT Automation: 5 Ways To Hit The “Ugly” Stuff First

ReadWriteWeb-Feb 19, 2013

But while technology lies at the heart of automating processes, its use in IT support is still woefully limited. That’s not to suggest that nothing has been done; most


December 2012

Workload Automation Moves Front and Center in 2013

Wired-Dec 11, 2012

Big Data, cloud computing and mobile devices continue to be the business IT megatrends of the 21st Century’s second decade. Intimately linked to all three, as it


Automation Will Represent the Next Big Step for Biobanks, Says

PR Newswire (press release)-Dec 19, 2012

LONDON, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Every year, nearly 100 million samples are added to biobanks worldwide. Over 1500 bio repositories exist today and


IT Automation: What Lies Ahead in 2013

IT Business Edge (blog)-Dec 5, 2012

Click through for six IT automation predictions for 2013, as identified by Ben Rosenberg, CEO of Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. IT environments are

Robot Data Collectors: How to Win in a Device-to-Data Center World

Forbes-Dec 18, 2012

Robot Data Collectors: How to Win in a Device-to-Data Center World You can think of them as robot data collectors—collecting, culling, and sending back data




November 2012

Cisco & Dell acquisitions bring datacenter automation center stage

ZDNet-by David Chernicoff-Nov 16, 2012

Automation software for IT has always been an important, if low profile, part of the IT management tool box. Building automation sequences using software tools


Dell Buys Infrastructure Automation Company Gale Technologies

Seeking Alpha-Nov 16, 2012

Dell is making a deeper investment in providing converged infrastructure to automate data center operations with the acquisition of Gale Technologies.



October 2012

Marketing automation becoming easier to manage

BtoB Magazine-Nov 5, 2012

Marketing automation deployment within large enterprises—and often down to the midsize-company level—is increasingly providing marketers with the ability to capture customers’ “digital body language” to inform lead scoring, nurturing and conversions. But even given a maturing of powerful new capabilities, marketers sometimes struggle to strike a balance between technological power and ease of use, and in making sense of a growing number of devices and channels.



September 2012

Blame bots for $1.5B in wasted ad spend this year

Shara Tibken, Oct 01, 2012, CNET

Solve Media says 10 percent of all online traffic is generated by bots, which hurt publishers and advertisers by generating fake ad clicks and false user accounts.





June 2102

County focuses on automation

San Mateo Daily Journal – Jun 20, 2012

County focuses on automationAutomation, online and paperless were the key words used by county department heads yesterday as supervisors heard about …


Brands Start Automating Social Media Responses On Facebook …

TechCrunch – Jun 7, 2012

Companies are struggling to keep up with social media conversations, the growth in this channel has exploded, and will soon automate their responses, …

Jan.-April 2012

Automation in the Cloud

Rush LaSelle, VP & General Manager, Adept Technology

01/07/2012 Manufacturers and processors of anything from snack foods to automobiles are being driven to


Can a Robot Cat Save Japan’s Car Market?

Wall Street Journal (blog) – Apr 13, 2012

Japan’s domestic car market is shrinking—partly because not enough young people are getting a driver’s license. Enter a robotic blue cat named Doraemon with