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Robots Could Take Over Fast Food Jobs

AOL Jobs-by Dan Fastenberg-Jul 17, 2013

Robots are now cooking food at fast food restaurants. In recent months, some fast food workers have been staging walkouts, complaining of low pay and a lack 


China now largest market for robots

Posted 07/11/13 at 09:47 AM

… When counting robots made in China and adding them to robots made internationally and shipped into China, 2012 saw China deploy more robots than any other country.


18 Gorgeous Images of Job-Stealing Factory Robots

Robots have ruled industrial production for decades in many fields, from the auto industry to food processing and consumer electronics. The Singularity isn’t here yet—but in the world of manufacturing, it’s been knocking on the door for years.


New STEM Platform to Nurture Robotics in Schools

07/31/13 — A new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) robotics platform from Yaskawa Motoman will soon help students in secondary educational programs practice skills inadvanced manufacturing and robotics. The company announced it is available in a general-purpose platform and a welding education cell, two fast-rising employment areas.  The platform reportedly enables students to practice technologies typically encountered in manufacturing environments. This hands-on educational tool offers key training for employment, as well as a method for learning the skills required by the industry. Educators can purchase a complete package or customize a system to fit planned course work and classroom layouts. “We developed the STEM…


What do policy-makers need to do to keep pace with economic development in robotics?

Economic policy may not jump to mind as a hot topic for roboticists, but it is a fundamental and influential driver behind the failure or success of the robotics community as a whole. After all, economic policy is what’s behind how governments set their interest rates, determine their budgets, enforce their rules for the labour market and deal with questions of national ownership. This month we asked Robotics by Invitation panel members Rich Mahoney and Frank Tobe for their take on what policy-makers need to do to keep economic development apace with important developments in robotics. Here’s what they have to say …




Should every nuclear plant have snake robots?

News – Jul 09, 2013, 2:56 PM | By Tim Hornyak

A Carnegie Mellon test shows that modular crawling robots can get deep into pipes at a nuclear facility, something that could help with inspections.


Robosimian: NASA’s New Monkey Robot Designed for Search & Rescue

Researchers at Boston Dynamics have designed one of the most advanced humanoids ever to compete in DARPA’s upcoming Robotics Challenge. But NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is taking a decidedly different, and more primitive, approach. Like with the country’s first space explorers, NASA is once again turning to… Read…


Florida to Test Drones for Mosquito Search and Destroy

Is there anything worse than mosquitoes? Yes. Lots of things. But mosquitoes are pretty bad. Besides being buzzy and itchy and annoying, they can transmit nasty diseases including malaria and West Nile virus, even in civilized (mostly) places like Florida. The issue with mosquitoes is that they’re everywhere, and if you’ve ever tried to get rid of even one mosquito, you can imagine how hard mass eradication is. In Florida, they’re about to experiment with aerial drones to see if they can help.


Two small drones approved by FAA for civilian use in the US

Posted 07/27/13 at 02:26 PM

… Two small drones, Insitu‘s Scan Eagle X200 (left) and AeroVironment‘s PUMA (right), have become the first federally certified unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for civilian use in the US. One will operate off the Alaska coast to survey ice floats and wildlife; the other will conduct commercial environmental monitoring in the Arctic Circle, assist emergency response teams in oil spill monitoring and conduct wildlife observations. … Both drones have fixed wings, weigh less than 55 pounds each, and have wingspans of less than 10 feet.




Inside the Mesmerising Robotic Factory Where Teslas Are Born

It can’t be easy to build a car, but the factory where Teslas are born makes it looks like a piece of cake. The folks over at Wired took a look behind the scenes to watch rolls of aluminum transform into fully functional electric cars, and it’s a sight to behold. Read…


Robotic Material Handling Applications in Distribution and Fulfillment Centers

07/16/13 — For decades, robots have been a common sight in manufacturing plants across the globe. From upstream production and assembly applications, welding, fabrication and painting to downstream end-of-line tasks such as case packing and palletizing, robots are tried and true productivity solutions in manufacturing. The applications that they perform share a…


Robotics Californian Manufacturer RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich Outpaced the Competitors with Danish Robot UR5
Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of industrial robots, proudly claimed that RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich, one of its California-based clients in the manufacturing sector, has been able to dramatically reduce their production time by using th… – 07/17/2013


Automobile Industry Drives Demand for Industrial Robots in 2013
Robotics is in demand. This is mainly because of the developments in the robotics industry in the last few years and the realization by various industries about the benefits robots bring to the table. –


Collaborative robots offer advances in automation

Plastics News-Jul 22, 2013

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. — The collaborative robot — a robot able to work freely around humans — is touted by its supporters as an attractive automation 


Robotic factory automation system reduces costs, increases …

Vision Systems Design-by James Carroll-Jul 24, 2013

By implementing an innovative customized factory automation system that utilizes seven robots, an Australian manufacturer of household products was able to 


Automated welding taking on added importance

Plant Engineering-Jul 23, 2013

At Lincoln Electric’s Automation Division, we meet with manufacturers daily. They come to our facility to see what automated welding is all about. In 2012 alone ..


UK’s appeal as a manufacturing destination grows

…accelerates, it may not create a large number of jobs because much of the work repatriated is likely to be taken up by robotics and automation. A study by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce suggested reshoring could create… By Brian Groom


US productivity growth, back to form

…provocative and thought we’d pass along. Related links: Productivity post-paradox – FT Alphaville When productivity normalises – FT Alphaville FTAV video: the robot employment threat – FT Alphaville Cardiff Garcia


Lithium-ion batteries: Sources of power

Jun 3rd 2013, 3:17 from Schumpeter

and by automated assembly. They found that automation




Lettuce Gaze Upon the Future of Agriculture

Florida has its oranges, Georgia has its peaches, and California has its lettuce. These leafy greens are the Golden State’s biggest vegetable crop, bringing in $1.6 billion annually. Problem is, they require a lot of attention to raise properly. Historically, California has relied of its abundant, affordable work… Read…


‘Lettuce Bot’ Illustrates Misconceptions About Hispanic Migrant Workers
A new machine called “Lettuce Bot” is rolling through lettuce fields in Salinas, Calif., picking out imperfect heads of lettuce to provide more resources for healthier plants. Lettuce Bot is actually controlled miles away in Silicon Valley, where ope… – 07/16/2013


14 High-Tech Farms Where Veggies Grow Indoors

In the 21st century, a significant change is underway in the food industry: farming is moving indoors. The perfect crop field could be inside a windowless building with controlled light, temperature, humidity, air quality and nutrition. It could be in the basement of a Tokyo high-rise, in an old warehouse in Illinois, … Read…


Mainstream Agriculture Robotics Still a Ways Off

07/10/13 — Several businesses and organizations are working on robotics to solve problems relating to growing and harvesting plants and crops. These solutions are in various stages of development, from experimental to production. While the technology behind them is impressive, the overriding question is: Will these solutions ever be produced and used…


Robotics to Fill Labor Void in Australian Agriculture
Australia’s agricultural industry currently faces unique challenges that may open up the possibility for using robots to perform many labor-intensive tasks. The country’s lack of labor and high minimum wage has driven research to automate farm work. – 07/22/2013


Will Robotics Become a Major Part of the Agriculture Industry?
Several businesses and organizations are working on robotics to solve problems relating to growing and harvesting plants and crops. These solutions are in various stages of development, from experimental to production. While the technology behind the… –


Three ag robot companies featured in AP story

Posted 07/19/13 at 07:37 AM

… In an Associated Press article by Gosia Wozniacka, using robots to sort, thin, harvest and handle fruits and vegetables was examined. … Blue River Technology and their Lettuce Bot; Vision Robotics and their lettuce thinner (and orange harvesting bots); and Spanish company AgroBot and their strawberry harvester were all reviewed. … Labor saving devices like these new robotic devices are seen as helping fight an inability to secure legal farm workers. “There aren’t enough workers to take the available jobs, so the robots can come and alleviate some of that problem,” said a farming operations manager.




Vampire robot vants to suck your blood

Robot phlebotomist uses infrared, ultrasound, and computer vision to target veins. If it floated, it could work on the Death Star.

News – Jul 29, 2013, 12:00 PM | By Tim Hornyak


WaterColorBot gives you a robotic brush-off

Jul 16, 2013, 11:56 AM | By Amanda Kooser

Automate your happy little clouds with the WaterColorBot, a Kickstarter kit that hands the brush off to a robot.


Asimo struggles on first day as science museum guide

News – Jul 05, 2013, 11:54 AM | By Tim Hornyak

Japan’s premiere robot can’t catch a break after its glitch-filled performance at a Tokyo science museum.


Seedbot Makes Your Lawn Lush Without a Lick of Gardening

In some neighborhoods a lush green lawn is as much a status symbol the house it’s in front of. It demonstrates the homeowner’s hard work and dedication to maintaining every last blade of grass. And that’s what makes the Seedbot even more awesome: It’s a simpler shortcut to all that praise and adoration from the…


Robot Uses UV Rays to Disinfect Hospital Rooms

07/24/13 — Hospitals are synonymous with cleanliness and now Loyola University Health System is the first academic medical center in Illinois to take disinfection to futuristic levels. Nicknamed “Ralph” by the housekeeping staff at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital and “little Joe” at Loyola University Medical Center, 3-foot upright cylindrical robots provide the finishing…


Robot Alleviates Child’s Distress During Medical Shot

07/16/13 — Health care workers have a new tool to ease needle anxiety in children: a talking robot. The robot, named MEDi, is programmed to greet a child with a high-five, collect toys from a tray and ask questions like “Do you like movies?” Children who engaged with the robot while receiving…


Robotic Ultrasound Probe Improves Surgical Precision and Control

07/10/13 — DETROIT – While the use of ultrasound to identify tumors during kidney cancer surgery is gaining acceptance, a research team at Henry Ford Hospital has successfully taken it a step further by showing an added benefit when the procedure is done robotically. Simply put, the kidney surgeon who performs the…


FluxCrawler Robot Detects Cable Damage Before It’s Too Late

07/10/13 — The FluxCrawl robot, developed and patented by scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing IZFP, is designed to scan surfaces of heavily loaded metal cables by performing a magnetic flux test. The metallic caterpillar-like robot climbs up the cable, revolving around, attached to the cable by a U-shaped magnet.…


Robo-stox™ 5½ year chart shows Service Robotics soaring

Posted 07/20/13 at 01:03 AM

… Robo-stox™ 5½ year chart shows service robotics fully recovered from the economic crash of 2008/9 and soaring so far this year.
… Intuitive Surgical’s drop in July will somewhat quell that rise but the chart is clear that service robotics are doing quite well and industrial robot stocks are almost fully recovered as well.


Social Media Automation: A Beginner’s Guide for Small Business

Search Engine Watch-Jul 15, 2013

social-connections Social media has been in the news for years as the newest marketing tool that will transform how businesses are promoted.


Marketing automation gains ground, but obstacles remain

BtoB Magazine-Jul 18, 2013

New York—Marketing automation is making deep inroads at many b2b companies, with 46% of marketers currently using marketing technologies in some form, 


Accounts Payable Automation Is Curing Inefficiencies in Healthcare …

Business Review USA-Jul 25, 2013

While healthcare is lagging behind other industries in the adoption of AP automation technology, healthcare organizations are implementing AP solutions like 


Automation support means Guild Wars 1 ‘could last forever’

Wired.co.uk-by Philippa Warr-Jul 17, 2013

The solution, according to lead content designer, Mike Zadorojny, is largely automating the operation and keeping a skeleton crew on hand to deal with issues 


The future of media will be automated

Business Spectator-Jul 21, 2013

The way online advertising is bought and sold has finally made the leap from manual to machine-learned automation. Welcome to the world of programmatic 


Baristas, Meet the Robot That Wants Your Job

Businessweek-Jul 31, 2013

Low-wage service jobs that can’t be shipped overseas were supposed to be safe. After all, your coffee shop isn’t moving to Shenzhen, and a robot can’t make 


Will Robot Nannies Save Japan’s Economy?

NPR (blog)-Jul 19, 2013

More than half of all Japanese women quit their jobs after giving birth to their first child. That’s more than double the rate in the U.S., and it’s a problem for Japan’s 


Your next tattoo artist could be a robot

Yahoo! News-Jul 16, 2013

It’s a serious question! Eventually, we’re told, many traditionally human occupations could be replaced by automation, and if the work of one Auburn student is 


Robots put Whittier Boulevard sign spinners out of work

The Eastsider LA-Jul 29, 2013

On Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles, resident and Eastsider contributor C.J. Salgado spotted an automated sign-spinning robot employed to promote an 


Video: How Will You Be Shopping in Ten Years?

Intel futurist Brian David Johnson joins digits to discuss how robots, holograms and 3-D printers will be changing retail…


Doubting The Robots: Momentum Slows For Surgical Droids

The maker of cutting-edge surgical robots is standing behind them, as some hospitals say they are reviewing their training…


A long-awaited delivery for Royal Mail

…this site to exist has made its contents rarer. Mail services increasingly depend on revenues from online shopping parcels. Automation has meant fewer manual sorting jobs. These trends have accelerated in the period since the sell-off was first mooted and… By John McDermott




Robots Podcast #135: Jonathon Roberts, autonomous systems

As Director of the Autonomous Systems Laboratory in CSIRO’s ICT Centre [Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Information and Communication Technologies], Dr. Roberts leads more than 45 scientists and engineers. Research in this laboratory spans robotics, computer vision and pervasive computing technologies such as sensor networks. Dr. Roberts’ particular research interest is in robot guidance systems so robots – including flying robots – can operate autonomously in unstructured and dynamic outdoor environments.” (From Dr. Roberts’ page on the ICT website) Dr. Roberts was interviewed by Ron Vanderkley.


Automation is the Key to Cloud Efficiency

Windows IT Pro-Jul 22, 2013

But how exactly is the cloud more than just virtualization? One of the key differences is automation. The management of virtualization is focused on single Vms.




As U.S. ponders automated autos, U.K. green-lights driverless car test

Jul 17, 2013, 12:13 PM | By Charles Cooper

England to see the first tests of automated vehicles later in the year while White House pledges to “get this right” from policy standpoint.


Google to profit from self-driving cars by decade’s end — analyst

Jul 09, 2013, 8:22 AM | By Lance Whitney

Self-driving cars represent a $200 billion opportunity, says analyst Gene Munster, and Google will be a major beneficiary.


With Neocortex Tech Robot Can Unload Any Box Without Prior Analysis

07/24/13 — Universal Robotics Inc.®, a leader in 3D flexible automation, introduces the first flexible intelligence software for unrestricted box handling in logistics operations. The Unlimited Depalletization Applicationautomates on-the-fly handling of all cartons of any size and shape without advance analysis. Benefits include faster unloading, increased safety and less than 24-month payback. Ground-Breaking…


Robot Can Teach Itself to Manipulate Different Shaped Objects

07/17/13 — Festo recently demonstrated the LearningGripper, a pneumatically actuated gripper that self learns the shape of an object and then specifically orients that object. The LearningGripper is a demonstration of a future generation of robots, machines, and processes that are more flexible than any of the production systems available today – ones that…


China’s Interest in Driverless Cars Extends Well Beyond Mobileye

Unnamed investors in China are part of an international group of institutions that have put $400 million of new money into…


Daddy, What Was a Truck Driver?

Over the next two decades, the machines themselves will take over the driving.





Robots Podcast #134: Mining Automation

In Robots Podcast #134, interviewer Priscila Soares speaks with Martin Adams, principal investigator at the industry funded Advanced Mining Technology Centre (AMTC) and Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Chile, about the development of robotic technologies for use in mining, and what motivates the mining industry to fund this research. He lists his research interests as robot navigation, SLAM, sensing, field robotics, and millimeter wave radar.


New report finds mining automation may lead to fewer jobs

Australian Mining-by Cole Latimer-Jul 22, 2013

A study by the University of Queensland has found increasing levels of automation and remote control in mining may lead to fewer jobs in mining communities.


Growth Trend for Automation Continues in the Electric Power

ARC Advisory Group-Jul 31, 2013

After the economic crisis, which had a marginal effect on the power generation industry, the automation and software solutions market in the electric power 


Metro Water to automate water distribution

The New Indian Express-Jul 30, 2013

In a bid to cut down wastage and ensure supply of quality water to 67.27 lakh people in and around Chennai, Chennai Metro Water is planning total automation 




Association for Advancing Automation to Address Congressional Robotics Caucus on How Robots Save and Create Jobs

RIA, 07/22/2013 (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA) – The Association for Advancing Automation (A3), the global advocate for the automation industry, announced today that A3’s President Jeff Burnstein has been selected to speak at the Congressional Robotics Caucus Briefing titled “Harnessing New Robotics Technologies for Job Creation.” The Caucus Advisory Committee is hosting the briefing in conjunction with Caucus Co-Chairs Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA) and Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) on July 25, 2013 in Washington, D.C. The briefing will present a first hand account of views, opinions and real-world experiences of experts and practitioners in the industry and academia, to demonstrate how robots are contributing to job growth and sustainability of U.S. industries. “The use of robots and other automation technologies saves and creates jobs in the United States,” said Burnstein. “There are countless examples of innovative American companies who are using automation to become stronger global competitors, saving and creating more jobs while producing higher quality and lower cost products, rather than closing up shop or sending jobs overseas. I’m looking forward to presenting these facts to the Caucus in order to help dispel the notion that these transformative technologies are eliminating jobs.”


A Strategy for Keeping the Robots at Bay

07/05/13 Automation is making inroads in every industry, but if you’re nimble, you can avoid being replaced by a machine.


No, Robotic Software Won’t Lead to a World Free of Offshoring
The ability to automatically detect, diagnose and address events and incidents in a quick and effective manner is an asset every company wants in their IT and customer support wings. And why not? It’d cut down on the need to offshore work while savin… – 07/23/2013


Will Robotics, Automation Lead to a 75 Percent Unemployment Rate?
Recent reports by The Associated Press suggest the combination of software automation and robotics will boost unemployment to anywhere between 50 and 75 percent. It’s a frightening picture of the future, but will it play out? – 07/18/2013


Field Robots and Unmanned Systems of Clearpath Robotics
Improvements in the robotics and unmanned systems industry in the past decade has created solutions for removing the human element on potentially dangerous jobs. New powerful computer chips able to process complex algorithms are making it possible to… – 07/10/2013


The Impact of Robots on Jobs
Industrial Robotics has improved the manufacturing process by applying automation in many different sectors. The automotive industry has been an early adopter of robotics for performing many different tasks in the assembly process of a vehicle. – 07/09/2013


Is the age of automation taking a toll on jobs?

The Japan Times-Jul 21, 2013

WASHINGTON – Just what explains today’s continuing high unemployment remains a central economic question of our time. In my last column, I largely 


Rethinking Jobs In The Automation Age

Supply Chain Digest-Jul 17, 2013

Most people understand that the economic health of an industrialized country depends on its ability to provide jobs for everyone that wants/needs a job.


7 fields where robots are taking charge

Chicago Tribune-Jul 31, 2013

Over the next decade, the number and variety of robots in the workplace will soar, taking over many jobs that are too dirty, too dull or too dangerous for people to 


Trend towards automation increases demand for industrial robots

Nanowerk-Jul 18, 2013

(Nanowerk News) According to Dr. Shinsuke Sakakibara, International Federation of Robotics (IFR) President, 2012 was quite satisfying for the global robot 




Under Pressure, Google May Slow Rollout of Driverless Car Technology

07/18/13 Google is under pressure from people inside and outside the company to crimp some features until society gets more used to…




North American Robotics Companies Set New Records for First Half of 2013

RIA 07/30/2013 (Ann Arbor, Michigan) – North American robotics companies have set new sales records through June of 2013, according to new statistics released from Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry’s trade group. A total of 10,854 robots valued at $679.3 million were ordered from North American robotics companies in the first six months of 2013, an increase of 1.9% in units over the same period in 2012 and 1.3% above the previous first-half record set in 2005. Shipments to North American customers through June totaled 11,308 robots valued at $715.1 million, breaking the previous first-half records set in 2012 by 11.0% in units and 10.4% in dollars. Overall, three out of the four orders and shipments categories tracked by RIA set new records. The activity was especially strong in non-automotive industries such as Semiconductors, Life Sciences, and Food & Consumer Goods, all of which posted double digit growth through June. In the auto industrysegment, traditionally highly cyclical, orders through June were up sharply to tier suppliers, down to OEMs, for an overall decline of five percent.


IFR: Trend Towards Automation Increases Demand for Industrial Robots

RIA, 07/08/2013

2012: Second highest number of robots sold in 2012
2013:  Again a high level of robot sales expected
Shanghai – “2012 was quite satisfying for the global robot industry and robot sales reached the second highest level ever.” stated Dr. Shinsuke Sakakibara, IFR President, on Monday, 1st July 2013 at the CIROS in Shanghai. Between 2008 and 2012 robot sales increased by 9% on average per year
“We are very pleased that in 2012 we have reached the second highest level of robot sales ever recorded in the history of industrial robots. More than 159,000 units were sold, almost on the same level as in 2011.” announced Dr. Andreas Bauer, Chairman of the IFR Industrial Robot Suppliers Group. “Between 2008 and 2012 robot sales have increased by 9% on average per year. The demand for industrial robots is increasing due to the accelerating trend towards automation all over the world. We estimate that robot installations will reach a similar level again in 2013.  In the last three years investments in robots have been strongly supported by the automotive industry. In other industries, the General Industry sales are increasing.”




Stainless steel robot arm far cooler than your arm

Jul 17, 2013, 7:53 AM | By Tim Hornyak

Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ MSR05 robot experiments with drugs and bathes in hydrogen peroxide gas.


Hyperloop: Why can’t we believe in the big ideas?

Aug 12, 2013, 4:13 PM | By Molly Wood

When most of the tech industry seems obsessed with finding each other at restaurants and ranking their own influence, it’s exciting to hear about tech that could change the world. So why are we all so skeptical about it?


Military robot deploys CO2 to lure ticks to their doom

Jul 19, 2013, 10:40 AM | By Tim Hornyak

This rover could patrol your yard, coaxing ticks onto fabric laced with insecticide. Early tests have shown it’s very effective.


The evolution of humanoid robots (pictures)

Slideshow – Jul 14, 2013, 4:00 AM | By James Martin

With advances in sensors and control systems, humanoid robots, like DARPA’s Atlas, are soon to be working side by side with us in everything from industry to entertainment.


Watch This Robot Hexapod Perform Parkour

The last time we saw RHex, he/she/it wasn’t quite as polished and coordinated as this latest video shows. A lot can and did happen in three months. Read…


This $200 Brute Force Bot Will Bust Your Phone’s Pin in Hours

Your Android phone is not safe. This 3D-printed robot systematically tries all of the possible lock screen PINs for your phone until it gets in. With your standard four-digit number, your phone is compromised in under a day. If only you’d had an iPhone! Read…


This Robotic Crab Will Scuttle the Sea for Historic Sunken Treasures

One problem with conventional ROVs is that while their propellers are plenty strong enough to kick up columns of silt from the sea floor, they typically lack the power to effectively navigate in strong currents, which limits where and how well they can survey a given area. But this new underwater explorer sidesteps… Read…


Oh Flexible Stainless Steel Robot, You Are So Bendy and Shiny

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the world’s first stainless steel robot with seven degrees of freedom. But before I explain what that means or why it matters, kindly take a moment to watch this Kawasaki Heavy Industries bot dance. Nice moves! Read…


This Robot Arm Is Den Mother To 30,000 Lab Mice

When experimenting with laboratory animals, it’s important to completely eliminate any outside factors that could influence the results. So to prevent infection from human handlers, Japan’s Nikkyo Technos and Yaskawa Electric have completely eliminated people from the equation with this robotic system that can… Read…


ATLAS: Probably the Most Advanced Humanoid Yet, Definitely Terrifying

As impressed by we all were by Petman, DARPA and Boston Dynamics’ remarkably agile and nimble humanoid, it’s about to get upstaged by the company’s latest and greatest robot creation: ATLAS. Designed to compete in DARPA’s upcoming Robotics Challenge, we actually already got a glimpse of ATLAS’ impressive skills back…


This Concrete-Recycling Robot Devours Entire Buildings

Demolishing a building is a big, messy pain in the neck. Dynamite is loud and dangerous. Wrecking balls are heavy and dangerous. Why not just get a robot to do the work? Read…

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