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  1. casinositekim.com says:

    J’apprécie que vous preniez le temps de partager des informations aussi précieuses.

    Je n’avais aucune idée de ce que vous avez dit plus tôt, merci !

  2. Fila Monak says:

    Recent years have brought some of the largest and most scrutinized data breaches in history, resulting in billions of records lost, exposed or compromised. As businesses and consumers alike become more aware of the risks associated with cyber attacks, enterprise demand for cyber insurance continues to rise.

    The global cyber insurance trend reached a record size last year. Cyberattacks and the volume of compromised digital assets increased simultaneously.

    Ransomware and supply chain attacks dominated the cyber risk space over the past 12 months. With data breaches and ransomware attacks constantly in the news, organizations are seeking cyber insurance to mitigate the many unknown risks of doing business in the digital age.

    Cyber insurance is a prevalent topic in Asia, with the market size in the region expected to triple by 2025. Compared to Europe and the US, cyber insurance is a comparably new product, and take-up is gaining momentum due to the different stages of development here.

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