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Includes: class notes as well as observations on program readings and a synthesis of ideas across program texts


The Hypocritical Anthropologist

In college, I used to sit in the back of the class with the other students of color and listen as my white peers theorized the hell out of the oppression we were born...


Reflecting on Cross-Cultural Music Making Perspectives

This week I couldn’t help but return to Kim’s article on cross-cultural music making after viewing Mississippi Masala this week. Inter-ethnic relationships is a very interesting topic to me, because I have one myself....


The Success of Short-Story Cycles

Phan’s We Should Never Meet was the most captivating book I’ve read in this class. Besides for the fact that I returned from Viet Nam a week before school, and that I am familiar...


Going in Circles?

So far, I have read the following books in class: Asian American History: A Very Short Introduction, by Madeline Hsu When the Emperor Was Divine, by Julie Otsuka Donald Duk, by Frank Chin Forgotten Country,...

Bridging the Gap between “Us” and “them” 2

Bridging the Gap between “Us” and “them”

This week we read the novel Forgotten Country, by Catherine Chung. You can find the main premises of the book here. In class I couldn’t help but notice the the interplay between moral obligation and...

Re-evaluating Research for Everyday Assignments 0

Re-evaluating Research for Everyday Assignments

I finished the weekly reading and I noticed something was wrong. I did not feel that familiar feeling of impression. Unusual; I always feel like I’ve gained a new perspective after finishing a novel....

Hybridity 0


The idea of “hybridity” really struck me this week in class. I’ve heard of similar concepts about culture before (although I can’t remember where). Culture isn’t made up of just one singular thing. It is influenced by multiple areas in your life. The two most driving forces designing one’s culture include one’s heritage, and one’s environment. Simultaneously, these two forces continually interact and forming an individual’s cultural identity.

APIA History and Contemporary Rhetoric 3

APIA History and Contemporary Rhetoric Reading Asian American History left gave me a nice introduction into the many challenges Asian Americans faced in the past hundred years. The text produced familiar stories to me in the form of...