Hh is for Hip-Hop Music

Field Study proposal excerpt

Throughout the time with this contract Andre will be studying self expression and creativity through Hip-hop, an oral art form with roots in music and poetry. He will be studying the techniques of Hip-hop artists and implementing them into his own music and poetry, and will be creating a “My Poets” chapter based on Maureen McClane’s “My Poets: My Emily Dickinson” for both Hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur’s lyrics and poetry as well as his own. To produce this music Andre will be using self supplied recording equipment to create a collection of voice recordings and will be using Evergreen’s mixing bench to edit the sound of each recording. From this the student will learn about creativity and poetry through a series of rules and disciplines including rhythmic and tonal disciplines involving his own voice. While working on this project, Andre will continue to participate in core program activites as described by the program syllabus.

ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

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Term Paper Abstract

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