P is for piano

Field Study Proposal

My primary learning objective is to learn as much from the piano as possible. I want to sit with pianos, play them, read about music theory, and piano history and mechanics. I want to learn more about how reading music works, and which sounds blend together to create a song, or not. I want to play as many pianos as possible during my field study, and discover within myself more about what performance feels like to me, and more about the ways I like to compose music.


On the finite keys of the piano, I am immersing myself in the infinite ocean of sound.

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ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

Who Am I?
Rukha Poetry Observed:

Term Paper Abstract

Goethean science, and specifically delicate empiricism, is a participatory method in which the observer and the observed are in conversation. Each member of the pair takes turns questioning, listening, and finding new and deeper expression through experience (and as with any conversation, tension and silences happen). For this conversation to take place, a respect for the other partner as an autonomous and whole being is needed. In this paper, I give you glimpses through the window at my experience of immersing myself in my passion for the piano as an instrument, and as an instrument to know myself more fully. I played a piano that lives in my home over the month I delved into study. Embossed on her front is the brand – Stella – that assembled her nearly 100 years ago. Stella became the name for my partner (my piano) in my reveries of exploration – in composition, poetry and introspection.


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