Wo is for Woodworking

The Meditation of Craftsmanship 

The meditation of craftsmanship is a firsthand investigation into the shared qualities of Buddhist and Yoga meditation with traditional Japanese woodcraft and to see how these techniques create a physical space that facilitates an integral sensory experience between mind, body, and spirit, all encompassed in the Chanoyu tea ceremony.  The student will show how practicing Japanese woodcraft and participating in the Chanoyu tea ceremony invite meditation that “recycles neurons”, an essential process in further developing critical thinking skills.  Working with the Chanoyu: Traditional Japanese Culture and the Way of Tea program, the student will join in the construction of a traditional Japanese tea house on campus and practice Chanoyu tea ceremonies with the class.  Conclusions drawn from the investigation will be presented in a final 5-7 page paper that integrates weekly field observations and poetry posted to an online forum.  The paper will be presented week 10 along with a demonstration of woodworking and an interactive component using Chanoyu and haiku.


ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed


Term Paper Abstract

Read full term paper here


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