Ml is for Music & Lyrics

Field Study Proposal

During the time of this contract Andre will be learning about the writing of lyrics and how to put them to Hip Hop music, observing the minds connection to the flow of words and emotion attached to those words. Also, Andre will be learning about how the recording process works and how vocal recording affects the body, testing the limits of his own voice in pitch, range, speed and volume and being mindful of how he feels after this practice. In addition, Andre will also be watching documentaries such as The Art of Rap and Rhyme and Reason to grasp a better understanding of where Hip Hop music gets its substance and finding articles or books to read about music and the science of the mind under the influence of music specifically from Dr. Charles Limb who has done research in what happens to the brain while improvising in Jazz and Hip Hop music, and contributing to the program’s eAlphabet and participating in entries on the Moodle site.


ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

This was during one of the many studio sessions I had, I was experimenting with my voice which is why I sound so weird. But, watching this was actually an interesting experience for me because I had never seen my facial expressions during recordings. Take note of the slight smile that I have right after i’m done recording.

Term Paper Abstract

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Studio Photos

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