M is for Movement

Field Study Proposal 

In these next four weeks I will be immersing myself within various forms of movement to evoke poetry. I will continue to go to the Dance Co-Op on campus as well as in downtown Olympia as well as a structured modern dance class once a week. On any off day I plan on making my way to the rock wall or swimming pool to position my body in a form of weightlessness. I plan on having a ten to hour and a half long morning yoga session in my home space all the while taking acro-yoga classes at Breathe yoga studio to become more familiar with my own body, its movements, and those movements relating to another human being. At the end of this field study I hope to become completely familiar with my own body and have a multi-media compilation of the art that was evoked by my own movement.

ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

Winter Term Paper Abstract

During this four week field study I became engaged in numerous activities dedicated to movement.  From acrobatic yoga, to rock climbing, to ecstatic dance, I implied my found knowledge about the bodies range of motion and structure to fully understand how we move.

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