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Field Study Proposal

For my Individual Learning Contract (ILC) i will be conducting throughout the month of February a study on the counter-culture of punk and punk music around and in between the Olympia and greater Seattle areas. I will also be studying the start of punk culture, derived from punk music and try to figure out what is so important about this particular culture to these people, why they do the things they do and why they choose to live this sub culture lifestyle. Another piece of immersion in this ILC is that i would like to include is the immersion in the music and lyrics itself, studying various different artists from the 90s to the 2000s and possibly see the changes or similarities between the culture and sound of now and then. What i would hope to experience in this immersion is the link between counter and sub cultures with society, and from that the tie to government, which would (in theory) affect the sub-culture. I am connecting poetry to this ILC by immersing myself in this culture and simply writing about it based on feeling and experience. Punk music is very emotionally evoking music, so i am hoping to feel the music and translate it into poetry.

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ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

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Term Paper Abstract


We are always looking for something to gain, but maybe the easiest way to gain what we are looking for is located in all the things that we don’t understand. Knowledge is rich with all the answers to the world. When confronted with something we do not understand we must battle to gain the most knowledge about that subject as we can in order to fully understand it. You must see it from many angles and many perspectives to really truly gain full understanding. In gaining these understandings you will gain the understanding of the world.

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“It was not a genre of music, it was more discontent with how things had flowed and unemployment in the U.K. at that time.” Quinten Butler.

            When looking at the term “Punk” what comes to mind? Is it a fashion? A culture? A type of music? Maybe it’s just the grimy kid sitting on the side of the street smoking a cigarette in a studded vest. When going through an exploration of punk music you begin to realize and understand that it is not just a song, it’s a statement. In every chord there is a story, in every word spoken there is a history. The deeper you get into this type of counter-culture the more you understand what things like Anarchy for the U.K. really mean. Establishment controlling society to the point of forcing the development of this counter-culture is where punk really came from. It wasn’t music; it was a movement against the establishment. 

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