P(r) is for Presence

Field Study Proposal

In this project, entitled P(r) is for Presence the student intends to explore the connection between the body and the
mind and to put various theories on movement and meditation into practice in an effort to reconnect both to her
physical self and the world around her. At the end of the project, the student will have amassed a collection of
poetry and photographs, as well as a Holdrege-style research paper detailing her efforts and experiences during this

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Gallery of captured moments

ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

Term Paper Abstract

In our current culture of excess, materialism and gratification few people live in the moment, and even fewer live in their bodies. They live in the past and dream of the future. The closest they come to the present is thinking about what they want right now but even that is a dream of the future, never an acceptance of what is. Bodies are a nuisance, objects to be tamed and altered, decorated and abhorred, rarely appreciated for the extraordinary machines that they are or thanked for the physical and emotional abuse they endure daily. If our bodies could talk, what would they say? But our bodies do talk, all the time. They are constantly telling us about ourselves internally, and give us moment-to-moment updates on the spaces we inhabit, each moment shaped by the preceding moment and shaping the next. Our bodies put 24-hour news feeds to shame. What a wealth of real-time information is available to us if we would only listen. That is my aim: to learn to access the information my body holds, to become a presence in my body and in the present moment, not watching them both from the outside.

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