Q is for Quilt

Quilted consciousness, an ancient heirloom. A smell, a memory, a taste. A story, recycled. Terroir-place,ingredients,sounds, senses, flavors, of memory, of people, of place, of words. She will find the poetry of her threads.  Here is the exploration of her feminine myth, the gathering of the pieces and the threading of her stories. For the course of one month, she will be guided to the folklore of her fabrics, to the tradition of her threads, to the ancestry of her passions, hand sewing a quilt along the way. She will be practicing how to be in direct perception with the wild nature in her. She will piece her story, and lay in it to dream.

ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

Term Paper Abstract

In finding the use my hands through delicate empiricism:

I am a Maiden, in a time of question, looking for my native home. I believe it that all of my passion is intimately tied to a feminine displacement, much greater than my own. How a woman uses her hands, is how she is defined. I am yearning to find my hands, my village and my home.  How do I walk in right relationship with my heart, a heart that is in my body alone? How will my heart guide me to what I already know?

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