L is for Lizard King

Field Study Proposal

I wish to study the poetry and other media works of Jim Morrison to find out what draws me (and many others) to Morrison. I will also argue why and how I am a modern day version of him by using his work for inspiration and recycling his works through my own style. Along with my backround in his musical career in The Doors, (entire discography) I have purchased his 4 published poetry books along with the known Biography ‘No one gets out of here alive’ and will be citing them accordingly. I will also be viewing his media works such as ‘The lost Paris tapes’ and will review some interviews. His poetry books include: The Lords, New Creatures, Wilderness and The American Night. I will be in between Lynnwood and Olympia to work with location for my poems, busing where I cannot get a ride from friends and family. My living expenses will be minimal, if I am not living on campus I will be at my parents house. I’ll have my laptop, access to Sno-isle Libraries and the Evergreen computers/internet and Media Loans.

ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

Fall Term Paper 

Fall term paper (Orcas pear tree)

Winter Term Paper

Lizard King, erotic politician, electric shaman, poet, existentialist, Rock God and mortal man.
Jim Morrison was on a rampage to live and push everyone around him to do the same by any means necessary. He had all sides of the spectrum as well, a sweet philosopher concerned with the issues of the world and capable of much kindness and a sadistic asshole with concerning alcoholism issues and random violent actions. His poetry is a sometimes confusing raw glimpse into his mind. It reflects his drug use, fame, love, his time and thoughts that plagued him enough to end up on paper. In recycling his work I have re-evaluated parts of my conscience previously known but also confronted thoughts and other parts that I believe have created a new me.

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