Bachelard week 8

“They [the neurological conceptions of personhood] have argued that the human brain… is evolved for a collective form of life… and the formation of groups both small and large to pursue common aims.”
Rose, N. Abi-Rached, J., 2012. Neuro: the new brain sciences and the management of the mind. Princeton University Press. (pg 226)


“She says the tree
Is stationary and multitudinous in her chest, untouched
And skeletal, almost like metal, in its network against the sky.”

Rogers, Pattiann, 1940 – The tattooed lady in the garden. Wesleyan University Press. (p. 15)

Each body has many deep and unyielding roots

that reach to the earth, whether the eyes can see the branches’

silhouette against the dewy sky,

or its forces are hidden in spectral starlight of spirit. The patient arches

of these unfurling footsteps

begin to braid together,

finding, as they join, their common direction

which is slowly unwinding

in an ever widening spiral

which reaches out into the neuronal hands,

seeking to touch, and be held

in the rivers caught in sharp relief

that flow through butterflies’ wings as they soar

over eyes to show the branching

fractals innate on the earth, and in the trees

and in each fire filled body that creates

and destroys, and are created and destroyed

on the skin of the planet which heaves and rolls

its life blood underfoot to remind all beings with roots

of the finite blessing of this time, and this space.

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