Bachelardian reverie week 7

“Strategies week to create the kinds of persons who can take responsibility for their actions, and they attempt to enhance self-control by acting on the brain” pg 196

“The boat inside the painter inside the boat
Inside the eye watching the painter moving beyond himself.”
From Discovering your subject
There are many men and women who have devoted themselves to the intricate depictions of the brain. They have consistently painted the same subject under many different circumstances, many different lenses. But have they been able to move beyond themselves in this pursuit? Have they transcended the mind that created the reality they live and strive in? How can anyone claim to have any sort of understanding of the mind – the intangible, immeasurable spirit and watcher – or the brain – this physical mass of thousands of neurons; fibers brought to life and beaded by iridescent drops of myelin? If they are trying to free others from this physical prison, must they first learn how to transport themselves beyond it first?

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