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y – poetry observed

In this simple porcelain womb, I can truly be embodied

Releasing my belly

Relinquishing my breath

Retaliating my soul

Remembering my spirit.

Layers relax, skin opening

days shrugging off

shoulders a little lower

breath moving, no longer held so tightly

sinking out of lungs

surrendering them to the rest of humanity.


it is dark,

the sun does not allow you to move more quickly


in a timeless room.

held in this warm liquid

(I’m reminded)

watching the flickering shadows

hearing the tiny bubbles popping.


when she comes forth to speak,

and i’m ready to


all covered in rehydrated rose petals

-the tips of red cedar fronds,

frolicking on my sacred lawn.


Y – Log Week 8!

February 25th

1 hour – Read Annie Sprinkle articles on ‘sex and breath’ and ‘orgasms’

1 hour – Read Bachelard

1 hour – Read Cunt by Inga Muscio

2 hours – Writing 7steps to delicate empiricism paper

.5 – Begin to outline presentation

1 hour – interview with Annie Sprinkle! and post interview notes

1.5 hours – Dance! 5rhythms practice, Deep embodiment under the full moon!

February 26th

1 hour – Working on Bibliography

1 hour – Reading Bachelard

2 hours – Reading about traditional indigenous birth ceremonies in Red Medicine.

2 hours – Writing 7 Steps of Delicate Empiricism

February 27th

2 hours – reading bachelard /writing reverie

4 hours – Good in bed/Good in birth: oxytocin, intimacy and the animal brain workshop

1 hour – herbal homework

February 28th

4 hours – writing 7 steps to delicate empiricism

3 hours – research and writing on anemia for herbal apprenticeship

March 1st

4 hours – Herbal Apprenticeship

1 hour – reading poems and stories on Yoni.com

1 hour – writing poetry

2 hours – editing seven steps to empiricism

1 hour – reading Phenomenology of Perception

March 2nd – Taking care of the body

3 hours – rendering fats for herbal salves! (herbal apprenticeship)

1 hour – Reading about Yarrow

March 3rd

4 hours – Writing paper

1 hour – Infusing fat with Yarrow for herbal apprenticeship homework

1 hour – filming and posting poetry observed piece

Hours This Week: 47

Total Hours: 167

Reading List:

  • The Secret Teachings of Plants
  • Phenomonology of Perception
  • The Laugh of the Medusa
  • Herbal Healing for Women
  • Cunt
  • The Poetics of Reverie

Y – Log Week 7!

February 18th

2 hours – This evening I was weaving, weaving the motions of my body towards acceptance of self. (dance) embodying my learning!

7 hours – Doula Training

1 hour – Reading Bachelard

February 19th

3 hours – Writing “holdredge paper” (research on etymology of Yoni)

2 hours – reading Bachelard

February 20th

2 hours  – reading buhner/bachelard

2 hours – writing

2 hours – Art piece, conversion/conversation between Buhner and Cixous

February 21st

3 hours – reading (Cixous/Womens Ways of Knowing)

1 hour – Plant Profile art (Cottonwood!)

1 hour – writing

February 22nd

4 hours – Herbal Apprenticeship (Cottonwood, cardiovascular herbs, medicine making)

2 hours – Reading (Buhner) and Writing Poetry

(Got an Interview sent back!)

February 23rd

1 hour – reading

1 hour – writing (poems)

1 hour – nature walk/photos (what it must feel like to be on a dandelion in the summer breeze)

3 hours – Working on paper

February 24th

1 hour – Reading short stories from The Sweet Breathing of Plants

Total Hours:

This Week : 39 hours

Accumulative: 120


  •  The poetics of reverie
  •  The secret teachings of plants
  •  Womens Anatomy of Arousal
  •  Womens Ways of Knowing
  • The Laugh of the Medusa

Y – Week 6 Log!

February 11th

1 hour – Writing up Questions for interviews

2 hours – Free write (Holdridge paper)

1 hour – Reading (Sacred Sexuality)

1 hour – poetry!

2 hours – Yoga Nidra/writing workshop with Sophia

February 12th

2 hours – Reading

February 13th

2 hours – Kallari Cacao presentation/tasting!

1 hour – White Pine Research

3 hours – Bachelard / Reverie

2 hours – Workshop on Consent/Safe Kink

February 14th

4 hours – reading (Merleau-Ponty and Weed)

3 1/2 hours – Art piece on Herbs for Pregnancy – research as well

February 15th

5 hours – Herbal apprenticeship (herbs for women’s health and harvesting cottonwood buds!)

1 hour – Cedar weaving workshop in longhouse

February 16th

1 1/2 hours – Vagina Monologues!

2 hours – reading (Yoni)

2 hours – Writing (sky, venus, passing of winter)

February 17th

7 hours – Doula Training with The Prison Doula Project


This week:  43 hours

Cumulative total:  80 hours

Readings for Week 6:

  • The Encyclopedia of Sacred Sexuality
  • The Poetics of Reverie
  • The Phenomenology of Perception
  • Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years
  • The Yoni: Sacred Symbol of Feminine Creative Power

Y – Week 5 Log!

February 4th

3 hours – reading

1 1/2 hours – research on plants for women’s health

2 hours – Wrote Mid-Quarter Eval

February 5th

4 hours – reading (not knowing notebook)
2 hour – journaling – on how I care for myself during “moon time” and Women’s health herbs

2 hours – Bachelard Reverie #1

30 minutes – Met with Sarah for Mid-quarter eval

February 6th

1 hour – Online research, Annie Sprinkle, Orgasms.

1 hour – Emailed Midwives and Sex educators about online interviews

1 hour – Moon Cycle Care Paper for Herbal Apprenticeship

February 7th

3 hours – reading

2 hours – writing an elixir recipe for liver support during moon cycle. Making herbal iron syrup.

1 hour – poetry in response to Helene cixous’ Laugh of the Medusa

February 8th

5 hours – herbal apprenticeship, focus on women’s herbs for health!

3 hours – Michael Meade lecture / Writing about the importance of Poetic expression. (Amazing!)

February 9th

2 hours- reading – Fertility Awareness / 5Rhythms

February 10th

2 hours – Grand Illusions Theater to see Birth Story: a documentary about midwives.

2 hours – reading – prose on volcanoes


This week:  37 hours

Cumulative total:  37 hours

Reading List:

  • Women’s Anatomy of Arousal
  • The Secret Teachings of Plants
  • The Poetics of Reverie
  • The Female Brain
  • Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth
  • The Laugh of Medusa
  • Maps to Ecstasy
  • Honoring Our Cycles

Y is for Yoni: Handing The Second Pair Of Lips A Quill

Field Study Proposal

This is an Independent Learning Contract on the power of exuberant health that can come from verbal expression post intercourse and post birth.  How powerful might it be for an individual to find the voice of the Yoni, the language of the deep body? What happens to our brains when we are able to express what our bodies would like to communicate? How are women recycling neurons when finding this second voice?  This will be an exploration of my own sexuality through writing, discussing and reading about the voice of the Yoni.  I will gather an Annotated Bibliography, speak with midwives and individuals in the sexual world, attend a doula workshop, and start a zine on my experiences that will include research done throughout the quarter. In aiding finding the voice within the body I will also participate in an herbal apprenticeship, tightening the bond between my body, plants and the land.

Read complete Field Study Proposal

ABCs and 123s – weekly log and field notes

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Bachelardian Reverie

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Poetry Observed

Winter Term Paper Abstract

I am for you what you want me to be at the moment you look at me in a way youve never seen me before: at each instant. –Helene Cixous

When wandering the world we must remember what calls us to the willow lined brooks, to the tops of volcanoes, our noses towards the center of flowers, we must call forth the deepest and truest voice within ourselves and listen for what many believe to be crucial wisdom.  Speaking through the body, through the feminine Yoni, our Ancestors whisper of experience. When we learn to listen, we then must learn to express this learned wisdom.

These are woven words to express an experience of moving through and with my painted map of passion, a passion for the tangled world of feminine connection and for a deeper understanding of the Yoni.

I listened, and here is what I heard.

 Read full Winter term paper