Time log – week 7

Monday – from rest stop to Arcata co-op

5 hours – cycling on my bicycle, in movement, maintaining momentum

3 hours – refueling, buying food for the next week, wandering around a huge co-op in awe… Entirely loosing momentum

5 hours – doing my first hitch hiking since March

I heard of a commune called black bear from an awesome woman at the Arcata co-op. While I was hitch hiking, some sweet people gave me a ride all the way to a great campsite… where I heard footsteps approaching at 2 in the morning… Probably a coyote

Tuesday – forks of salmon, camping in the winderness

5 hours – bicycling

3 hours – wandered on elk paths

2 hours – fighting impatience and desperation

I had been traveling for 5 days without stopping for a day, and just wanted to get to Black Bear, and my impatience kept me from getting there – I stopped too soon! And it didn’t feel safe to continue on that evening, it was so hard to keep myself from hitting the trail and getting there, but I gained a really good perspective between this day and the next about how much impatience can impede forward movement. I also learned that when I become desperate my decisions become considerably less safe.

Wednesday – Indian creek hike
5 hours on deer paths – got in touch with my deer nature, and some of my deer fear

1 hour – bicycling, getting my pride to chill

3 hours – acupuncture, talking with the locals, connecting with people on a heart level

Thursday – Black Bear

2 hours – Hiking the 5 or 6 mile hike up to this awesome, super fantastic commune!

2 hours – on a hike looking for and harvesting oyster mushrooms! We found so many, and we got to learn about a bunch of other other plants and their medicinal uses along the way 🙂

2 hours – wandering around in the woods, meditating and swimming at a waterfall

2 hours – hanging out in the garden, mulching

3 hours – connecting with people about this beautiful remote place nestled in a Mountain valley in Northern California

Friday – BB

1.5 hours – milking goats, the beginning of the cycle of the day

1.5 hours – run along forest service road, exploring new spaces

3 hours – cycling between action and indecision, restless movement and restless stillness

2 hours – eating food, doing dishes, a cycle of creating beauty and chaos, and then returning order

.5 hour – eating rocky road ice cream and gummy in the middle of the woods

Saturday – BB

2 hours – connecting with new friends, saying goodbye already to some

2 hours – learning to pan for gold! Gaining new skills and connecting with people in community

2.5 hours – women’s group meeting, exposing to my perceptions some of the subterranean cycles of relationships and harmony in this community

2 hours – weeding, mulching, planting melons in melon mounds

1 hour – gathering greens

Sunday – BB
2 hours – milking goats- beginning the cycle of the day

3 hours – weeding in the garden, beginning and re-beginning and cycle of life and death in this oil that supports so much life in this community

3 hours – community meeting

during this meeting I learning more about the underlying structure of this seemingly structureless place, feeling within myself the waves of intensity and ease as community members spoke, noticing patters in topics and ideas being expressed, and feeling fully the importance of completing the cycle of speaking and being fully heard before beginning the next cycle.

65 hours

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