Time log week 8

Monday – BB
3 hours – hiking to white bear mine, finding peace in a place ravaged by greed and lack of forethought

2 hours – hiking up to the gulch – a high point on a ridge overlooking the valley where black bear is seated

3 hours – again lost is both appreciating and feeling frustrated with no one giving me direction, and not knowing how to find that direction within myself

Tuesday – ride from BB

.5 hour – starting a fire in the ditch oven, the only fire lit during the day

1 hour – milking goats

2 hours – saying goodbye to people, getting contact information, gathering scattered pieces

3 hours – driving back towards civilization, dropped off in Orleans, talking about cycles in relationships and the power, advantages and disadvantages of polyamory

1 hour – meeting people at a little store I the mountains, trying to find a ride

2 hours – back in the saddle

.5 hour – appreciating a rainbow with a fellow traveler

2 hours – being welcomed into a generous person’s home, experiencing a fire ceremony, talking about astrology and all the cycles that exist within that paradigm

Wednesday –

3 hours – weeding, shoveling bark, beautifying the garden

1.5 hours – reconnecting with internet

2 hours – reconnecting with my parents, helping to ground them and calm them down

2 hours – reconnecting with school work, working on time logs, poetry, sem passes

Thursday – hitching
8 hours – hitch hiking; a cycle of standing and trusting, and feeling people’s energy as they pulled over to see if I needed a ride. I got a ride from 2 construction guys, and then caught a ride to Mad River – middles of nowhere with this cool farmer dude named Quin, and chilled with him and his friends

Friday – Catching a ride to Chico

5 hours – hitching

4 hours – taking it really easy, appreciating part of the cycle of birth and death – seeing and holding a baby

Stood in the middle of nowhere for 2 hours, turned down 4 short rides, and then, miraculously, got a ride all the way from Mad River to Chico. One Ride. it was crazy awesome – this cool guy, Bill, from Kentucky picked me up  in his rental car, and we talked about farming and food and how to live life, and we saw a coyote, half a dozen deer, and a baby brown bear. Stayed with Katie and Aren and their sweet 3 week old baby 🙂

Saturday – chico to yuba city

5 hours – back on the bike, straight into the wind

2 hours – sleeping and dozing, exploring the line between conscious and unconscious

2 hours – refueling my body which I am so deeply grateful for, with food lovingly prepared by two lovely people – Rick and Sharon who hosted me in Yuba City

Sunday –

5 hours – ride to Davis

2.5 hours – non-violent communication workshop at the collective house called Sunwise where I’m staying this week

3 hours – connecting with the beautiful people and plants of this place

1 hours – completing the order portion of the cycle of creativity – dishes and stacking pots and beautifying the garden

2 hours – catching a bee swarm! which is an incredible part of the life cycle of a hive

68 hours

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