Drawing Assignment due week 2

Assignment:  Due Tuesday of week two.

Take 2-3 days:  On the first day draw the series of sketches in #1-4 of a single object that has at least one dimension longer than 12”.  On the second day, repeat the exercise, using a different object.  This time explore the different tools and approaches introduced in class. Do #5 after the first animation workshop this Thursday.  Label each part of this assignment on the page on which you did it.

1)         Gestures: alternating between the 2B and 4B pencils and change the angle of viewing each time, doing 5 of 5 seconds each, 3 of 10 seconds each and 2 of 30 seconds each. (5 minutes)
2)         Blind contour: two drawings from different angles, one in pencil, one in pen, take 5 minutes each. (10 minutes)
3)         Modified contour:  two drawings, one in pencil, one in pen, take 10 minutes each. (20 minutes)
4)         Combine gesture and contour approaches to make at least one drawing of the object, using either pen or pencil or both, spend 30 minutes on this.
5)         Do this after the Thursday animation workshop:  Find a place where there is  movement.  This may be in public where traffic or people are going back and forth, outdoors where there are birds or other animals moving around, or some other location.  Spend an hour sketching paths of action of various objects or beings.  For each path of action, use marks to show how the object or being is slowing down or speeding up.  Do not try to draw the object or being-you can indicate its general shape, but the point is to record their motions, not what they look like. (1 hour)