Drawing Homework Due Week 4


Drawing Track Winter Quarter

­Assignment 3, due Tuesday 1/29


  1. Color studies: go to the Evergreen Gallery* sometime this week (hours are Tu, Wed, Fri 10-5, and Thurs noon-4:30).  Look at all the works in the show, noting how each artist uses color.  Choose three that use color differently from each other (do not include works that are only black and white) to do color studies of.  For each, do the following:
  2. Gestural:  For each one, stand at least 6 feet away and using your color pencils, do a gestural color field thumbnail that measures at least 3” in its longest dimension.  Focus on capturing the most dominant color first, then other colors in order of their prevalence.
  3. Detail:  After you’ve finished that, move closer to the work and find a section of it that includes more than one color and do a thumbnail of that.  This might be a small section only a few inches in either dimension.  Look to see how the artist applied the colors-are they blended or broken? Are there complements mixed into a dominant color? Try to replicate as closely as you can the range of colors and strokes you see in this part of the image.
  4. Summary: write down the title, artist, date and media.  Write a few sentences about the palette the artist used for the work- what is the dominant color? What is the second most dominant color? How are these positioned on your color wheel relative to each other? What is the third most used color, and what relationship does it have to the first two? Would you characterize the palette as cool or warm? Is the artist using the color mostly for descriptive, compositional or expressive purposes? What elements of the picture lead you to that conclusion?
    1. Gestures:  Spend an hour in a public place where there are a lot of people milling around (the CAB or Library are good sites), and do a series of gesture drawings of different people.  Gestures are quick and short, so you should have between 20 and 30 after an hour. You can do multiple sketches on one page.
    2. Spend a half hour doing a color gestural study of the site that you are in. Choose one color to use for initial line work to indicate spatial relationships, and two or three others to describe the dominant colors of the site.

*When visiting the gallery, It’s best to bring as few belongings as possible.  (You may leave belongings around the 2 benches in the middle of the gallery while you are working.)

please respect gallery visit etiquette:

·      No food, drinks, etc.

·      No touching the art

·      No leaning against walls, pedestals, and display cases – these are not to be used as support surfaces for notebooks, etc.