Drawing Homework due Week 5

Assignment 4, due Tuesday 2/5

1)     Flesh tone studies: make four studies examining how to represent the colors of your own skin.  Two should be done in natural light, two should be done in artificial light.  Of the two in natural light, do one in color pencil and one in pastel.  Of the two in artificial light, do one in color pencil and one in pastel.  Start with a gesture sketch of an extremity (a hand or foot) to position it in the frame. Draw each image life size on a separate sketchbook page.  Practice layering colors, building from dark to light in one part of the image and light to dark in another part. To protect the pastel images, tape a sheet of newsprint or tissue paper in place over each drawing.  Spend a half hour on each drawing.

2)     Gestures:  Spend an hour in a public place (it can be the same one or a different one from last week) where there are a lot of people milling around, and do a series of gesture drawings of different people.  Gestures are quick and short, so you should have between 20 and 30 after an hour. You can do multiple sketches on one page.  Experiment with different color pencils for different effects.