Drawing Track

Winter Quarter information:

We will be focusing primarily on drawing the human figure, working from a model for 5 of our 9 classes.  We will begin with introductory work with color using color pencils and chalk pastels.  Our first two sessions will involve exercises that should give you a good foundation in color theory.  You may have a few short readings to accompany this work.  You will continue to have weekly homework assignments to practice technical skills and develop your drawing practice.  These will be focused primarily in your sketchbooks, with options to work on larger paper.

Your $100/quarter student fee for the class covers a majority of the art supplies you will use in the Drawing track.  This includes a variety of papers, pastel and color pencil sets, new sketchbook and other small items.  You will need the drawing tools I gave you last quarter as well, especially the bull clips and the t-shirt rag.  (There are other things you’ll be getting for your fee that you’ll use in activities in the rest of the program).

We will meet in the Drawing Studio in the Art Annex for most sessions.  While our primary work will be in the Drawing Studio, you each will still have a drawer in our studio/lab (Lab 2, 2223) to store drawings.  For this reason, I advise you to get two items to transport papers and tools to class (I decided not to order these for each of you because I’m guessing that many of you already have something like them that will work):
1. a container for holding pencils, pastels, erasers, bull clips, etc.  There are a variety of these by Tupperware, Rubbermaid, or Innovative Storage Designs.  You might be able to find something suitable at a thrift store or hardware store.  I recommend a minimum size of 12.5″ x 5″ x 2″.
2.  Portfolio for carrying paper and drawings (20” x 26” recommended minimum size) .  You could make a portfolio out of cardboard or buy an inexpensive paper portfolio (such as the Red Wallet brand).

You should have these two things with you on Tuesday, January 8th when we have our first Drawing track class meeting.