The following required texts will be available from the campus bookstore when you arrive in September, though you are welcome to purchase them on your own.

All students are required to have:

  • Furniss, The Animation Bible, ISBN: 978-0810995451
  • Knight, Jones, and Field, College Physics: A Strategic Approach Technology Update, Volume 1 (2nd edition), with MasteringPhysics and Student Workbook, ISBN: 978-0321841537. This set includes the main textbook, an associated student workbook, and MasteringPhysics, which is an on-line tutorial and homework system that we will use extensively. While expensive, we will use this full set in fall and winter.

Students in the calculus track are required to have

  • Stewart, Calculus Concepts and Contexts, (4th edition), ISBN: 978-0495557425. This is also an expensive textbook, but will be the calculus text for fall and winter, and also the calculus text in the spring program Trajectories in Electromagnetism and Calculus.

Most of our seminar readings will be shorter essays and excerpts from longer texts. We will make these available on our web-site for you to download and print out.