Drawing Homework due week 2

Assignment 1, due Tuesday 1/15

Color Technical exercises to be done in your sketchbook with color pencils:

1)     Make a color wheel that is at least 7 inches in diameter and that includes 12 hues: yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue, blue-violet, violet, red-violet, red, red-orange, orange, and orange yellow.  Place the complements opposite each other and mix colors you don’t have.  Label the colors. Layer your strokes to build up the surface to lose the lines.  Draw a line indicating the separation between the warm colors and cool ones.

2)     Choose three pairs of complementary colors and make a saturation scale for each pair that shows a gradual shift from full intensity of one to full intensity of the other.  Dull the intensity of each hue by gradually adding its complement.  For at least one of these, execute the shift using broken color. For at least one other, do it using blended color.

3)     Do 2 pages of gestures combined with modified contours of a figure (live or not) using pairs of complementary colors.

4)     Do 2 pages of gestures combined with modified contours of a figure using pairs of analogous colors.

5)     Spend a half hour doing a full page drawing of a figure using either a complementary color scheme, or an analogous one that includes areas of blended color and areas of broken color. (Your use of color does not need to be realistic!).