Integrative Essays

  • Integrative Essays: (Two one essay, each 4-6 pages long, 10 point type. Essay 1 peer-reviewed in seminar in week 6, due to faculty by 9 am Tuesday week 7. Essay 2 peer-reviewed in seminar in week 9, due to faculty by 9 am Tuesday week 10.
    The new due date is Week 7, Tuesday, November 6.)

    • In writing essays, the goal is to learn to think on paper – to assess ideas through writing. Writing is a way of thinking. These essays are opportunities for you to think through program themes and integrate them into your understanding. For each one, develop a thesis or idea and compose arguments that are supported by references to the readings, lectures, screenings and any ideas you’ve gotten from hands-on work through the end of the week that the paper is due. Merely summarizing the material is insufficient. Engage with the ideas; use your writing to develop them further.
    • When you have completed your essay, write a brief author’s note at the beginning end that solicits feedback from your reader. What did you succeed at? What did you struggle with? What about the essay leaves you unsatisfied?
    • An essential, required part of this assignment is to work through a draft and revision process in the scheduled peer review session. You will bring 5 copies of the essay, double spaced, 10 point type and stapled with your name in the header, to a peer review session. During the review, take notes on the comments you receive about your work.
    • When you revise the essay, make sure to consider everyone’s oral and written comments as you work, even if you do not follow all of these suggestions. Your revised copy must include an author’s note that summarizes what you worked on, as well as brackets or highlights that shows what you changed in the revised version. Turn in one copy of the revised version, with all copies from the faculty and/or workshop participants attached. You might be asked to make additional revisions. After faculty have reviewed your essays you should keep all copies and revisions to submit with your portfolio at the end of the quarter.