AE Sequence 3 Critique

Trajectories After Effects Sequence 3 Critique

In groups of four, download your animation sequences from the Workspace folder on Orca.  First view each sequence just once and then discuss it using the prompts as a guide.


Before viewing each movie for the first time, the artist says nothing, and remains quiet during the screening and parts 1 & 2 a-c of the discussion.

While your work is under discussion, write notes about everything that is said in your sketchbook, but do not respond to comments or questions until the group has gone through all the prompts in parts 1 & 2 a-c.

1)     Part 1 discussion prompts after just one viewing:

  1. What struck you about the sequence after only viewing it once?
  2. What surprises you or attracts you to the work?
  3. What is the problem the artist addressed? What elements most effectively explained the problem and steps towards understanding it?

2)     Part 2 discussion prompts after viewing the sequence again one or more times, as needed.

  1. Discuss the timing: What parts are timed well?  What parts need a slower tempo?  What parts could use a faster tempo? How did the artist manipulate keyframes to vary velocity?
  2. Discuss the imagery and composition in the frame:  What about the visuals, use of effects, framing, etc., is well done?  What aspects of the visuals need more attention?
  3. Give suggestions for how the work could be improved, or what aspects of the work the artist should consider developing further next time.
  4. Ask any questions you have about technique, content or imagery, and let the artist respond to the group’s feedback.

3)     After you have discussed the work of everyone in your group, spend five minutes assessing your own work and respond to the following prompts.  Include this sheet and your answers in your sketchbook.

  1. Describe the preproduction work you did, including developing the concept, designing visuals, storyboarding, scheduling your workflow and other relevant activities. Of this work, what was the most useful?
  2. What other preproduction work do you think would have helped ease you through the production process or would have helped improve your results?
  3. What feedback did you get in critique today that you will carry into whatever creative project you attempt next?
  4. What aspects of producing digitally did you learn the most from? What aspects of it did you find most satisfying? What were your greatest challenges? How much did you make use of the tutorials?