Drawing Assignment due week 10

Drawing Assignment week 9 (due Tuesday of week 10)

The purpose of this assignment is to give you a chance to revisit one of your previous drawing homework assignments, and develop it further.  Whether the original assignment asked that you complete it in your sketchbook, or on a larger sheet of paper, for this assignment you should create a finished drawing on a sheet of nicer paper.  Spend three hours on this drawing.  Consider it a “final” exam for the Drawing Track.

Hints for working:

1)     review the work you did on the homework assignment and review the homework guidelines.

2)     Do some thumbnail sketches of alternative ways to complete the assignment.

3)     Do some testing of different drawing tools on this subject (if you did the original in charcoal, consider what effect you might get in ink, for example).

4)     Decide if you want to produce a single image or a series of images on a sheet of paper

5)     Plan and execute the drawing.