Drawing Assignment due week 7

Drawing Assignment week 6 (due week 7)

Tuesday afternoon, October 30th, spend the entire class time drawing (from 2:30 to 5 pm). The assignment is to choose an enclosed space on campus and do a series of studies of it that include the steps below.  Your homework is to develop the studies into a finished image sequence.


You may use newsprint and the drawing boards for the studies, or do them in your sketchbook. The learning goals for this assignment are to practice perspective, value, gesture and contour techniques and develop your sense for visual storytelling.


  1. Make 3 drawings of the whole space from 3 different points of view.
  2. Sketches of 5 different objects in the space. These might be grouped together or in different areas.
  3. A series of 10 gesture drawings of any people in the space or immediately outside it (if there are no people in the space then go find some to draw as close to the space as possible).
  4. Finally, take some time to consider in what order you would describe the space in images, then draft a sequence of sketches or thumbnails that reveal the space and its distinguishing characteristics to the viewer to your satisfaction. Pay attention to how the image sequence begins, what order you reveal details of the space, and what image you end with.
  5. Homework: Develop the sequence of images in #4 into a set of finished drawings that describe the space you studied.  You could lay these out like comic panels on pages in your sketchbook or create a series of individual drawings on separate pieces of paper. Remember that variations in wide views and close-ups, clear areas and areas with lots of detail, and the different marks you make and values you choose create “texture” and increase visual interest. (3 hours)