Drawing Homework Due Week 3

Drawing Track Winter Quarter
­Assignment 2, due Tuesday 1/22

Color Technical exercises to be done in your sketchbook with color pencils:

1) Write a definition for local value and explain how this value changes with illumination. What difference does the color of an object make?

2) Explain what determines the color of the shades and shadows of an object.

3) On a blank page, make a grid that is 8 columns wide and 10 rows tall. Label the vertical axis of the grid “color” and the horizontal axis “value.” In the first row make a value scale from white to black that includes 8 values. Choose 9 colored pencils from your set. Squint to determine the local value of the first color and place it in its own row, but in the column of the value scale it matches. Fill in the row with color modified lighter or darker to match the value for that column.

4) Make a color drawing of a simple, illuminated color object that has a mid range of local value (not too dark or too light): Choose one that is mostly one color. Place it on a white background like a sheet of paper. Light it with a lamp or near a window with daylight. In the drawing, represent your view of how the local value and color change with illumination. Include reflected light and gradations of light in the background and in shadows.

5) Make a second drawing of the same object on a contrasting colored surface. Represent how the color of the reflected light changes the color of the object.

6) In the third drawing, add three additional objects to your still life, including one white object and a contrasting colored surface. Represent how the light reflects the different colors on the different objects and surfaces. If you have done an exercise like this before, increase the complexity of the assignment by including reflective and/or translucent objects or surfaces in your still life.