Drawing Assignment due week 9

The purpose of this assignment is for you to gain experience in keeping a daily sketch journal, to practice skills in gesture and contour, line quality, value and composition practiced in class, and to use your drawing to investigate something visually and in depth.

In your sketchbook, do one drawing a day.  Take at least 15 minutes for each and fill an entire page with it.  Date each drawing.  You should have 12 drawings in your sketchbook as a result of this assignment.

In the first couple of days, consider what your subject will be.  Then each succeeding day, draw your subject again, but vary your approach either with different tools, different moods evoked by angle, line quality or lighting, radically different compositions, or some other change.

You could document something changing over time, like fruit ripening. You could do a series of self-portraits, or portraits of someone you are around a lot.  You could keep a dream journal, drawing an image from a dream when you wake up each morning.  You could catalog all the objects in a particular room (like a kitchen or garage).  You decide what the focus will be.