Drawing Assignment due week 6

Drawing Assignment week 5 (due week 6)

Scaling Up and Practicing Value

1)     Complete two Muybridge images and turn them in by 4 pm Thursday, October 25th.

2)     Review all the drawings you’ve done so far.  Choose one and find an interesting section of it that is a similar aspect ratio but no more than about 10% of the original. (If you have a 9 x 12 drawing, then the section you choose should be no bigger than 1” x 1.2” or so).  Using light pencil, trace this section onto another piece of paper and impose a grid on it that will help you scale up the image.  Choose the paper you want to work on, trace a light grid on it of the same aspect ratio, and scale up the section so that it is at least as big as the entire original drawing.  Use your powers of observation and imagination to develop the image further, as if by increasing its scale you have also increased its resolution and can see more of it.  You choose the drawing tool for this, but continue to focus on line quality and different strategies of representing value.  (2 hours)