Drawing Homework Due Week 6

Assignment 5, due Tuesday 2/12


1) Become an ARTstor user:

Navigate to the ARTstor home page through the Evergreen Library catalog search.  Register for ARTstor using your Evergreen email address and password. Register as a college/university undergraduate in a field of your choice.  After registering you should be able to log in to ARTstor.  Go to the Institutional folder/Trajectories pastels/pastels and review the images there.  Download ones you’re interested in and zoom in on them to see what detail you can.


2)  Choose one image to make studies of. Do the following in your sketchbook:

  • In color pencil, make a full page gestural study of the image that represents its main compositional elements.
  • In pastel, make a thumbnail compositional color study of the whole image.  Make sure that you’ve reproduced the aspect ratio of the image (ratio of width to height) accurately.  Make the study at least 3 inches in one dimension.  Use the three most dominant colors in the composition and focus on general shapes rather than detail. Tape a protective sheet over this image.
  • Choose an interesting detail of the image that includes both highlights and shadows.  Zoom into 100% of that detail.  Make a study of it that tries to emulate how the artist used pastels to make that effect.  Tape a protective sheet over this image.
  • Write a paragraph describing the color palette of the image, what colors are used in different areas and the relationships between the colors according to their positions on the color wheel.  Describe in what order you think the artist used the colors in the detail of the image that you studied.
  • At the top of the first page of studies, note the title of the work, the artist’s name, the dimensions and the date.


3)  Spend an hour in a public place drawing gesture sketches of people that you see.  Do not spend more than one minute on any one gesture drawing.  (It’s okay to overlap sketches on the same page.)