Student Gallery

Stargate (2013) – This direct animation of 16mm film leader represents a transitional star field imbedded in the final project.


Falling Frenzy (2013) – This project toys with the motions of different falling objects: a bouncing ball, a coffee filter, a glove, a paper airplane, and a paper cone. Using the timing of the recorded objects, this piece aims to creatively connect different falling sequences in a creative and humorous fashion.


Strumming Squid (2013) – Using rotoscoped motion from Disney’s Steamboat Willie, this piece takes the tentacle-like movements of Mickey’s arms and recreates the sequence using a squid in an attempt to poke fun at the original motion.


BOING (2013) – This piece represents the motion of a bouncing ball in two ways. The articulated puppet sequence demonstrates the motion realistically while the drawn sequence uses a character jumping in order to exaggerate the bounces.


Love is Relative (2013) – The goal of the project was to create a presentation that describes a physics concept, and to do it in an informative and entertaining way. Love is Relative is an animated cartoon music video to a doo-wop love song that explains various concepts of Special Relativity. This video was made in Adobe After Effects.


Marigold (2013) -What Johnnie Shannon experienced was love at first sight, however his longtime rival Peter has set himself to steal Marigold’s heart.   Marigold is a short silent film which explores Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.


Waves (2013) -“Waves” an Animated Short on Derivatives and Integrals. The sine and cosine functions are used to describe the cyclical movement of an object, and happen to be the anti-derivative and derivative of one another, respectively. This piece aims to orient a viewer who is new to Calculus, and provide them with a resource that will help them develop a visual and conceptual understanding of derivatives and integrals.


Fibonacci’s Apprentice (2012) – The physics concept of centripetal acceleration was represented in this animation through the circular line drawings inspired by Studie # 7 by Oskar Fischinger. The shape of the spiral is in line with Fibonacci’s Sequence in Nature. Tho opening scene was inspired by Chris Sullivan’s puppet animation. The cut outs and line drawings were made by Bri Cummins.


Defining Slope (2013) -This animation was inspired by Newton’s Laws of motion. All of the animation was created digitally, with the exception of Professor Nelix – who was hand drawn then scanned and manipulated in After Effects. Digital animation and drawings by Bri Cummins.


Freefall (2012) – The physics concept of freefall was represented in this animation through the portrayal of one mouse’s unexpected journey. It was made using cutouts on a multiplane. Created by Jackie Argueta and Corey Coomes.

Melda (2012) -There is nothing in this world that affects Melda, but maybe in another world? It was inspired by the movements in Studie # 7 by Oskar Fischinger and Steamboat Willie by Walt Disney. This animation was created with cutouts over a multiplane, and it was created by Jackie Argueta and Corey Coomes.


Model Spin Cycle (2012) -Students in the drawing track created color drawings of a model from different positions. This composite video is the result.