Drawing Assignment Due Week 9

Drawing Track Winter Quarter Assignment 8, due Tuesday 3/4

Final: Do a self portrait that demonstrates your learning in the Drawing this quarter:

  1. Set up or find a mirror that you can sit or stand in front of for an hour and a half.  Do self-portraits in your sketchbook and using the large piece of Fabriano paper available in pastel, following these guidelines:
  2. Consider how you will represent yourself. What objects or colors could be in the composition with you?  What kind of lighting do you want? What emotions do you want to communicate? “Stage” the scene. (1/2 hour)
  3. In your sketchbook, do at least 5 gesture sketches of what you can see of yourself.  Try to get as accurate proportions as possible.  Spend up to 3 minutes on each. (15 minutes)
  4. Do three rectangular thumbnail compositions in your sketchbook that focus on the dominant colors and values that comprise elements that you can see of yourself and the setting you are in. (15 minutes). These should all be different from each other; experiment with extremely different compositional approaches.
  5. Choose one of the thumbnails and use it as a references for drawing a large self-portrait on the Fabriano, in pastels. This drawing should take at least an hour.


Note:  Sketchbooks with all homework assignments are due on Tuesday 3/4.  Take some time this weekend to check that you have done all elements of all assignments, and complete those that you need to.  If I commented on errors in any of your color technical exercises from assignments #2 and 3, correct those and note them in your table of contents.