Toys Assignment Week 6

Trajectories Animation Toys Assignment 1

Due in Animation Workshop Week 6.


Design 3 Strobotop disks:

1)   Freeform: Animate abstract forms that move or change at different rates on the same disk.

2)   Found object or pattern: Copy by rubbing, stenciling, collaging, photographing or drawing a pattern that might make an interesting animation if subjected to the Strobotop.

3)   Figurative:  Animate a cyclical sequence using original representational figures that move or change somehow.  Consider the Japanese strategy of staggering the figures to slow the motion down if necessary.  You could approach this sequence through direct drawing on the disk, animating it digitally first and then printing it out and pasting it onto a disk.

Bring all three of your disks to class week 6 with your Strobotop to share with others. Put your name on the back of the disks as well as all Strobotop parts.