Sketchbook Guidelines

Sketchboook Guidelines:
The sketchbook is primarily for you to keep you Screening Journal and all notes and working elements for the Animation workshop and associated assignments. You may use the sketchbook for other program purposes such as notes for physics lectures and workshops.  Drawing track students will also use their sketchbooks for in-class exercises and homework assignments.

Your sketchbook must have these elements:

  • Your name on the front cover.
  • Title page with the name of the program, the quarter and your contact information. You might want to write a note about the importance of this as an academic document and a request to return it.
  • Table of contents that lists all entries and the page on which faculty can find them.  Update the table of contents weekly.
  • Page numbers on every page listed in the table of contents.
  • Screening Journal entries.
  • Animation workshop notes, working documents such as preproduction drawings and design ideas, and reflective writing.
  • Drawing Track students: Drawing class notes, assignments and reflective writing.
  • You decide how to organize the sketchbook.  It may be easiest to add work chronologically so that Screening Journal entries are interspersed with Animation workshop notes. On the other hand, you might want to divide the sketchbook into two or three sections and segregate work according to its nature.
  • The pages are large enough so that you can glue or tape in handouts or small drawings done on separate paper.  If you attach elements like this, consider doing it in a way that allows you to use the original page, thus expanding the capacity of the book.  You may also want to glue or tape a manila envelope inside the back cover to hold loose items.