Drawing Track Winter Self Assessment

If you missed the last class of the quarter, please complete a sheet following the prompts below and turn it in with your final portfolio week 10.

For # 1-8, write the sketchbook page number on which each part of the homework assignment can be found. If you did not do a part of an assignment, leave the space blank.  In the space below each week’s entry, write a few sentences about the effort you put into that assignment, particular approaches you took for it, what you learned from it and what you would do differently if you had the chance.

For #9, review the drawings you did in class.  Then write a self-evaluation for your work in drawing this quarter, discussing what you find easy to do in drawing, what you find difficult, challenges you set for yourself and how your skills or comfort level with drawing have changed since the beginning of winter quarter.  When you have finished, tape or glue this worksheet into your sketchbook.

1.  Due week 2: color technical exercises/gestures
1)  color wheel with labels ___________
2)  3 complement scales ___________
3)  2 pages of gestures/modified contours using complementary colors __________
4)  2 pages of gestures/modified contours using analogous colors __________
5)  full page sketch using blended and broken colors ____________



2.  Due week 3:  color technical exercises
1) local value definition _______
2) explanation of colors in shadows ________
3) local value scale _______
4) color object sketch on white background_______
5) color object on color background _______
6) color object still life _________




3.  Due week 4: color studies/gestures
1)  Evergreen Gallery- 2 studies each of 3 works with commentary_______
2)  Gestures ___________
3)  Gesture study of location ____________


4.  Due week 5: Flesh tone studies/gestures
1) four studies of flesh tones: two each in natural light and artificial light using first color pencil and then pastel __________
2) Gestures __________



5.  Due week 6: ArtStor studies/gestures
1)  3 studies of one ArtStor image, with commentary and notes _________
2)  1 hour of gestures _______________



6.  Due week 7:  Figure Proportion Studies/gestures
1) two studies each of two different ArtStor images of nudes ______________
2) Section each image using Quinn’s approach ______________
3) Redraw each study ______________
4) 40 minutes of gestures and 20 minute study of the space  ______________




7.  Due week 8:  Gestures/Self-portrait
1) 40 minutes of gestures and 20 minute study of the space ______________
2) Self-portrait studies (3 gestures, one modified blind contour) ______________
3) Ink or graphite self-portrait ______________
4) Color self-portrait ______________



8.  Due week 9:  Final Self-portrait in pastel

1) preproduction ______________
2) 5 gestures focused on proportions ______________
3) 3 color/value compositional studies ______________
4) Large self-portrait – 1 hour ______________



9.  Class drawings:
Spread out the drawings you’ve collected in your drawer on a table so you can see four or five at a time. Organize them chronologically as best you can, labeling each with the week # that you did them.  Compare the drawings from the first five weeks of the quarter with ones you did in the last four.  Write in response to these prompts:  What do you notice about proportion? Value? Use of color? Which ones please you the most?  What drawing skills or techniques would you like to focus on next? Why?