Drawing Homework Due Week 8

Drawing Track Winter Quarter Assignment 7, due Tuesday 2/26


1)    Spend an hour in a public place drawing gesture sketches of people that you see.  Do not spend more than one minute on any gesture drawing.  (It’s okay to overlap sketches on the same page.)  During the last 20 minutes of your hour, sketch the whole scene with images of at least five of the people that you witnessed there in place, (even if they have left already).


2)    Set up or find a mirror that you can sit in front of for up to a half hour.  Do self-portraits in your sketchbook following these guidelines:

  1. First, do at least 3 gesture sketches of your face and upper torso.  Try to get as accurate proportions as possible.  Spend up to 5 minutes on each.
  2. Do a second self-portrait using modified blind contour technique. Spend up to 15 minutes on this.
  3. Draw a third self-portrait in graphite and/or using pen and ink with washes (the sign pen and a small brush with water work well).  If you choose to use ink, you might want to do a gesture first, then go over it in pen. Take a half hour to do this one.
  4. Draw a fourth self-portrait using color pencils.  Spend at least a half hour on this and use color in each of three ways: compositionally, expressively and descriptively.