Screening Journal

Screening Journal:

In your sketchbook, record the title, director, year and context of each moving image work screened in class or as part of assigned outside viewing. Summarize the context of a film or video from introductory comments made in class about the conditions of its making, its place in history and the reasons we are viewing it in this program. After the screening of each work you will have several minutes to write a paragraph about it: how it makes you feel, ideas you get from it and elements that bring other experiences, artwork, learning or program concepts to mind. If comments or questions that arise in class discussions strike you as insightful, you should note those as well. Avoid “reviewing” the work by judging whether it’s “good” or “bad”. Instead, focus on what meaning and insights you get from it, and the connections you can make between it and other program activities and materials.

  • Students in the Drawing Track must supplement these entries with visual notes or sketches of characters, design motifs, shot sequences or screen choreography (paths of action) from the works.
  • In week 8 you will be asked to transcribe your notes and paragraphs about specific works from your Screening Journal into a document that you will turn in the Monday after Thanksgiving break (Monday of Week 9). Format: double spaced, 10 point type and stapled with your name in the header.
  • The entire Screening Journal is due with your portfolio at the end of fall quarter.