Drawing Assignment due week 3

due Tuesday of Week 3.

In your sketchbook, practice 2 point perspective.
1)         Do 2 line drawings of an interior space.  For the first, establish vanishing points and use your ruler to sketch the scene with light pencil lines.  Go over significant lines with heavy pencil or pen.  For the second, instead of using a ruler, try establishing the composition through gesture sketches that indicate vanishing points and connecting lines. Sketch lightly first, then reinforce important lines with a heavier mark. (1 hour)
2)        Follow the same procedures as in #1 to do 2 drawings of an exterior space, except change your position by at least 15 feet before you start the second drawing. (1 hour)
3)        Sketch two drawings of one space of your choice from two positions.  You may use a ruler if you want in the first one, but draw freehand in the second. (1 hour)