Week 9 Seminar Prompts: Self-Evaluation & Academic Statement Workshop Prep

1) Review/Read the following:

  • Program Objectives and Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate (available in our Syllabus)
  • Your Seminar Tickets for Week 1 (Cronon), Week 4 (Shahn, Lockhart), and Week 6 (Hubley, Lightman)
  • Previous reflective writing for the program, including the Week 1 Journalling Exercise, the Week 4 Archival Document Exercise, Second Animation Sequence reflection (in your sketchbook), and the Week 8 Thinksgiving Exercise.
  • (optional but highly recommended) “Teaching Self-Assessment” and “Sample Self-Evaluation Prompts”

2) Respond to the following prompts, which will serve as your Seminar Ticket.

  1. What are the most significant technical skills you learned or improved on in lab/workshop? If this work posed challenges, describe your efforts to overcome them.
  2. What work have you done in this program that has influenced your understanding of the relationships between artistic and scientific practices? Discuss your work on an assignment that required you to integrate various parts of the program. Describe any insights you’ve gained.
  3. What assignments, ideas or issues covered in the program intrigued, confused, or bothered you the most? Why? What did you do with that intrigue, confusion, or bother?
  4. Assess your work habits this quarter: Did you complete all of the assigned readings and assignments?  How well did you manage your time and organize the work you were assigned? What weaknesses did you struggle with? How did you try to overcome those weaknesses? What will you do differently next quarter?
  5. What work from this program are you proudest of? Why? What strengths have you discovered or reinforced?
  6. In what ways this quarter have you made progress towards meeting the Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate? Select one Expectation that strikes a chord to discuss in detail.
  7. How has your work in animation, physics, drawing or calculus changed you? Describe how this may have affected your short-term and long-term educational or career goals.

3) Bring the following to Seminar:

  • 2 copies of your responses to these prompts (as your Seminar Ticket)
  • your copy of the Syllabus
  • Your Seminar Tickets for
    • Week 1 (Cronon)
    • Week 4 (Shahn, Lockhart)
    • Week 6 (Hubley, Lightman)
  • Other reflective writing which you have completed for the program so far, including:
    • Week 1 Journalling exercise
    • Week 4 Archival Document exercise
    • Second Animation Sequence reflection (in sketchbook)
    • Week 8 Thinksgiving exercise